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Expect nothing new after swearing in of a President

By Isaac Kiti

After all the political rundown that struck the country and threatened to rip it apart following the electioneering process that ended with Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner, it was not a walk down the valley but was full of twists and turns, chaos and gory violence, loss of lives and property destruction, tensions and uncertainties in equal measure.

But majority of Kenyans anticipations are; the sworn in President Uhuru Kenyatta will swiftly move to action by uniting the country and at last peace will prevail and people’s lives and activities will take its normal course.

It might be the most crucial thing to focus on unifying a country but how is this possible without critically giving an eye to the status quo of the country especially at this time when the country is divided both on political and on ethnicity before starting to look for the proper ways to woven it together.

Uniting people of a different political stand can be achieved on the bases that we all look up to a better prosperous country; therefore we have a duty to play to build our country. However, the latter is much difficult because it is an inherited antecedent that cannot be erased from people’s minds in days or decades but rather through involvement of people in a unanimous free, fair credible election that legitimately instills a leader whose manifesto will harmonize the cultural diversities of the country into one tribe Kenya and absolve the ugly history we have had in the past.

The Jubilee government that assumes power is the very government everybody has had its good side and the worst of late, it has shattered the good it struggled for years creating, by peeling off its mask and revealing its true nasty identity after Police officers unleashed their fury with excessive force to suppress opposition NASA demonstrations which resulted in bloodshed and merciless brutality on people as well as minors, and not to say the Jacaranda requiem mass which was doomed by police purposely to frustrate the families of the deceased who hoped to raise funds to give their loved ones a nice send off.

The Police force has shed blood in the name of maintaining peace whistle obeying orders from above. When shall we learn to have a peaceful bloodless election? Even after holding an election with below average voter turnout and absolutely no elections in 26 constituencies in Kisumu, Nyanza and Homabay and Migori counties we did not realize the need to come to the table to iron out the thorny issues thereby laying down a foundation of restoring peace and unifying the country to the person who will assume power.

It is inevitable to point out that the initial ignorance of the political wrangles between Uhuru and Kenyatta in the country won’t come soon to an end after President Kenyatta takes oath of office because, the same attitude and magnitude he took at embracing the political stalemate between him and NASA Kingpin Mr. Raila Odinga will most likely escalate due to the pending issues the two are yet to come into agreement owing to the fact none has been willing to give in to the another’s demands.

NASA leader Mr. Raila has already instructed his supporters not to recognize Uhuru Kenyatta as President and to fully embark on economic boycott of products affiliated to the government to make it had for the government to carry out its functions effectively.

Indeed, he vowed to tighten the rope on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s second term in office to make his governance suffer and plunge into difficulties. This should not be dismissed as a mere palaver on stones.

Contrary to the Jubilee government which assumes power today with a conscious wary that NASA’s existence is up to no good to their administration is only keen at making things stall on their side. Something Jubilee government is not ready to allow a cantankerous behavior of the sort to work within their realms of administration.

What you are to expect from an Uhuru second term Presidency is extreme use of military force geared to intimidate opposition legislators and heads of government parastatals who side with the opposition agendas, forceful constitutional amendments and repealing of election laws in parliament, stripping of Judiciary’s power to annul elections and granting of more executive powers to the president among many others that seek to favor a ruling government and disadvantages the opposition.

The media too shall not be spared as there shall be repressive legislations, heavy taxes on media agencies, fully authoritarian control of media, censorship and direct intimidations on media practitioners who play a watchdog role on government activities as well as giving constructive criticism to government and its officers who will err in their works.

Yes, it will be another five years full of bizarre distasteful experiences purposely engineered to create an environment friendly to the ruling government as a subtle counteraction of NASA’s threats.

Kiti is a Nep Journal contributor. The views expressed here are his own. He can be reached on


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