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EU urges NASA and Jubilee to drop ‘unreasonable demands’

By Mburak Abucheri

The two main political parties in the country National Super Alliance(NASA) and Jubilee Party have been called upon to stop making ‘unreasonable demands’ to the electoral agency, IEBC, ahead of polls due on October 26.

The call was made by European Union(EU) which said demands by the two sides are uncalled for as they cannot be fulfilled within this short period of time and appealed to the political leadership to drop their demands before fresh polls so as to have a peaceful election.

The EU said that Kenyans are ready for the polls but the continues   demands by both NASA and Jubilee could lead to the derail of the preparation process and also affect the conduct of the polls.

All parties should seriously engage with the IEBC in a dialogue about processes and procedures, and support its work as it prepares for the new election,” they said in a statement issued to the media.

“With only a few days remaining to Presidential repeat election, actions, and declarations against the IEBC could have an adverse effect on its ability to fulfill its Constitutional mandate,” the EU said.The EU further added that “Unreasonable demands, threats of boycott or attempts to change electoral regulations should   be avoided to facilitate conducive environment for elections.

The EU sided with the call by the African Union, whose Chairman Musa Faki noted the tight deadline for the repeat elections does not allow for any detractions as currently is the case

The European Union is among the main sponsors of the IEBC, which together with the UNDP, the US and UK governments are currently funding a programme called the Strengthening Electoral Processes in Kenya (SEPK) worth Sh500 million until February next year.

The EU said it was closely following updates in the country, which has seen Nasa Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga threaten not to participate in elections unless some poll officials accused of malpractice resign.


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