Elect me on my development record, Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi tells County

By NepJournal January 11, 2017 18:50

Elect me on my development record, Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi tells County

By Farah Adan:

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi has urged area residents to re-elect him on his development record telling residents he will double on his current achievements given another chance.

Speaking after arriving back in the county from an overseas trip, Abdullahi told residents of Wajir to expect more goodies before his term expires.

“I am back from Saudi Arabia where we sealed several deals that will boost the development of our County in the areas of water, health, livestock production and farming” Abdullahi said while addressing his supporters who thronged Wajir hospital where he was on a visit.

The governor announced that the Saudi government will plant 10,000 seedlings of date palms and promised to purchase livestock products such as meat from Wajir once the local abattoir was operational.

“Saudi businessmen and experts will come here on a fact finding mission, we hope to export meat to the Kingdom once we operationalise our abattoir” said the governor.

He added the Saudi government has set certain criteria to be met in terms of quality stating his government will put in place the necessary measures.

On matters politics, Governor Abdullahi lashed out at some of his opponents accusing them of running their campaigns along tribal lines rather than telling residents why they should vote for them.

“I am a candidate for the people of Wajir regards of their tribal affiliation, I hope to step in all the 400 locations in this county to seek your votes” said Abdullahi.

He added some of his opponents were aggrieved because he refused to give to their demands.

“I will never be cowed by some of my opponents who are aggrieved because I said no to their negative intentions and cannot face the electorate themselves” he said.

He said while his opponents were hiding behind others in their bid to oust him, his record was there fore all to see.

The governor played down assertions that some candidates were stronger because of their political parties adding that he was himself elected on opposition ticket yet the only governor publicly lauded by the President whose party was different from his.

“The neighboring Mandera and Isiolo counties have their leaders elected on the ruling party’s ticket, but the President lauded me publicly when he toured our county, he did do that even in his home county Kiambu” said the governor.

Abdullahi’s supporters lined up the streets to welcome him back following weeks of assignments outside the country.




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By NepJournal January 11, 2017 18:50

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