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Eastleighwood to launch a Sustained Dialogue for youths in Kamukunji Constituency.

By Nep Journal Correspondent:

Eastleighwood in conjunction with LPI training sessions for Sustained Dialogue (SD) Moderators at Nomad Palace Hotel. (Photo NEP Journal)

Eastleighwood in conjunction with LPI training sessions for Sustained Dialogue (SD) Moderators at Nomad Palace Hotel. (Photo NEP Journal)

Eastleighwood is a registered youth-led non-profit making Organization that works on youth talent Development and various community engagement initiatives on countering Violence & extremism.

The organization has implemented many projects since its inception. It has also organized and conducted the first and biggest exhibition ever held in Eastleigh that brought together all Nairobi stake holders especially Eastleigh business community, Institutions, Corporates and organizations in order to share their experience and develop working relationships to better their services.

Eastleighwood has been in the frontline to promote the image of Kamukunji through various peace building initiatives.

Eastleighwood is now launching a new peace building project that will accommodate more than 170 youth drawn from Kamukunji Constituency wards that include: Eastleigh North, Eastleigh South, Kimathi, Muthurwa/Shauri Moyo, Pumwani and Uhuru and 30 guest from interest corporates, Non-governmental organizations and government officials.

The Peace building project is named as “Sustained Dialogue” in English and “Tubonge Mtaani” in Swahili which is aimed at bringing together youths aged between 18-35 years and who are of different ethnic diversity of Kamukunji Constituency. The Youth will be discussing pertinent issues that affects them within their communities.

An interview NEP Journal had with Eastleighwood Director Burhan Iman said that Sustained Dialogue project will create an opportunity and a common platform for the Youth in identifying underlining issues affecting the community they live within and how to develop the right intervention to curb those factors since they are change agents for their communities.

It will also help aim in contributing towards the promotion of sustainable peace in Kenya by strengthening and increasing youth resilience to dividers and increasing their capacities to change communities.

Eastleighwood with the support of Life and Peace Institute a non-profit making organization have launched five days training for 20 youth as Moderators for the Sustained Dialogue (SD) project that is set to target more youths.

The project is expected to run for nine (9) months to reach a target of over 200 youths in Kamukunji Constituency and it is set to fully kick off Thursday this week at Eastleigh Fellowship Centre.

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