Eastleighwood in partnership with EBDA to hold second Eastleigh Annual Expo.

By NepJournal May 26, 2017 08:09

By NJ Correspondent:

Mrs. Jody Henderson (Resident Representative LPI), Mr. Ahmed Adan Hefow (representative from Executive Office of the President), and Christine Opiyo (Maina Wanjigi location Assistant Chief) and Mr. Burhan Iman (Eastleighwood Executive Director) at a launch of Sustained Dialogue – Tubonge Mtaani peace building Initiative held in Eastleigh Fellowship Centre last year.

Eastleighwood and Eastleigh Business District Association (EBDA) is organizing the second Eastleigh Annual Expo 2017.

The event will be held at New Eastleigh Primary School located along Eastleigh first avenue, off  8th street towards the Eid holiday in, June 2017.

The Expo which is the second one of its kind to be held in the area will be held under the theme “Kura ya amani ni kujenga nchi’’ (Peaceful election builds the nation).

This initiative will bring together business oriented individuals and companies to explore business opportunities and to preach peace during the electioneering.

Eastleighwood youth forum is a youth led nonprofit organization which has focused on transforming lives and livelihoods of Kamukunji youths through arts, media, interactive workshops and forums.

The organization has in the past brought together youths of different ethnic and religious backgrounds to promote peace in Kamukunji Constituency through various peace building initiatives which is expected to be rolled out to North Eastern Kenya.

In last year’s Eastleigh Annual Expo, over 50 private companies, 10 academic institutions and over hundreds of business-oriented individuals from all over Kenya participated to discuss business opportunities, reflect on future developments and exchanged ideas.

They applauded the event and vowed to participate annually.

Besides transforming youths, Eastleighwood has been seeking to bring together Eastleigh businesses to expand their trade through exchanging ideas, discussing business opportunities, networking from the different companies and individuals in attendance to such events among other initiatives.

The event is intending to reach out to more than one thousand people directly and over four thousand people indirectly in two phases.

In Phase 1, the event takes place at New Eastleigh primary school where stakeholders of representatives from private companies, academic institution among others will be given the opportunity to show case their products in the spaces provided and through addressing the audience during speech giving sessions.

Phase 2 on the other hand will entail a Road show, which includes moving round Kamukunji neighborhoods to disseminate peace messages and materials.

Eastleighwood in partnership with EBDA has appealed to businesses and those eyeing business opportunities to support the initiative materially or financially through active participation.

Here is how you can participate.

Telephone Contacts: (+254)020 242 5667 0r +254708135689

Links to the previous Expo 2016 video.



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By NepJournal May 26, 2017 08:09

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