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Eastleigh small scale traders decry harassment by City Hall Askaris

By Ibrahim Issack:

Eastleigh small scale traders

Council askaris have been enforcing a directive to bar hawkers from Eastleigh streets for two more than two months now.

After the operation to clear hawkers from the streets of Eastleigh, City Askaris have spared no effort to make sure the directive remains in force.

But this time, the operation has been alleged to be so violent involving destruction of properties and blatant disregard for human rights. The operation targets streets tea vendors and small scale traders.

On Saturday, October 29, City Askaris armed with rungus and metal sticks and in the company of police continued to raid for the better part of the day bases from where the vendors operate.

But the operation has been alleged to violate human rights as they kick and beat with rungus anyone they found at the target bases before destroying their items.

Police fired teargas severally to disperse members of the public who reacted protesting against the excesses. Tension remained high in sections of the estate raided by City Hall Askaris.

Although the operation to clear the hawkers off the streets two months ago after mall owners closed down business protesting against hawkers menace has been largely successful, there are isolated cases of those that still have not come to terms with the directive.

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