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Eastleigh residents decry poor service delivery by County government as heaps of garbage fill the estate

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a section of Eastleigh residents waving anti-County government placards at 12 street roundabout. They decried poor service delivery by the county government of Nairobi as heaps of garbage piles in the estate

By Ibrahim Issack

There is a growing dissent among residents of Eastleigh in the manner in which the county government of Nairobi was handling garbage collection in the estate.

Residents took to the streets early Saturday morning to voice their dissatisfaction with the service delivery of the Kidero led administration as heaps of garbage don major streets in the estate.

They decried the blatant disregard by the county government which they said led to heaps of filth in the vibrant commercial Nairobi neighborhood.

“There is garbage everywhere. No one is in control. Everywhere is a dumping site”, said a visibly agitated businessman who identified himself only as Adan.

“This county government is a big joke, they forgot to maintain cleanliness in Eastleigh despite collecting huge taxes from the area. We will not just sit back and watch as the estate is turned into a big garbage site” added Aden.

The placard waving residents gave the county administration an ultimatum to immediately clear the estate of the piling garbage or face a tax boycott.

Social media users took to twitter with the hashtag #Eastleighneglected to add their voice.


Mr. Ahmedkadar who contested for the post of MCA, Eastleigh ward in the last general elections speaks to the press when he led angry residents of Eastleigh to raise their voices against the piling heaps of garbage in the estate. He called on the Kidero led administration to intervene immediately.


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