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Eastleigh residents decry police harassment during Ramadhan.

By NJ Correspondent:

Police lorry loaded with civilians

Residents in Eastleigh decry of corrupt police officers harassing them especially during the nights.

Residents complained the rogue officers of targeting them as they leave mosque from the Taraweh and Tahajud (night prayers) asking for Identification cards and even sometimes ask for a bribe between 2,000-10,000 Kenyan Shillings.

Locals told Nep Journal that from 7PM at night police vehicles branded Pangani, Shauri Moyo Buru Buru, Starehe police stations and even civilian plate numbered cars fill the streets and are seen parked by the roadsides near mosques.

Residents reported that even those with identification documents are arrested on flimsy grounds should they fail to grease the rogue officers’ hands.

For the last three days, Mosque areas mostly affected include 3rd street, 12 streets, 6 streets, 8 streets and Al-Hidaya Mosque in Jam street.

However, police reported that more than 80 people including 15 foreigners were arrested in an overnight swoop they launched in Eastleigh for three days.

Police alleged that all the arrested were terror suspects.

Residents are now calling on the Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet to investigate the matter and take action against the rogue police officers miserly interrupting as they execute their religious duties.

The claims come at a time when Muslims are marking the holy month of Ramadan which see many perform night prayers in mosques.

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