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Eastleigh community to march in solidarity with the Mogadishu attack victims


former Wajir West MP Abdikadir Ore donating blood at Sunrise Eastleigh

A peace procession is scheduled to happen in Eastliegh on Sunday to show solidarity with the victims of the deadly attack in Mogadishu that happened a week ago, the attack claimed over 350 lives, injuring hundreds of others.

The walk was organised by Eastleigh Business community in collaboration with the Somali Student association and the Somali embassy in Kenya. The peace march which is dubbed as Somali peace Walk is expected to kick off on Sunday at 9 in the morning at 12 streets, general wairungu road.

Similar effort to show solidity with the victims of the terrorist attack in the Somali capital has been ongoing in Eastliegh, Ahmed Mohamed an activist in Eastleigh has organised a blood drive in which 310 pints (175 liters) of blood was collected and sent to Mogadishu.

Somalis around the world has been angry about the attack, fund drive to help the victims has been organized around the world by Somalis, and Residents in the Eastliegh neighborhood has as well been mourning with the families of the victims. Demonstrations denouncing the horrific attack happened in many part of Somali cities including Kismayo and Bosaso.

The Kenya government has sent 31 tons of medicine and also airlifted a number of injured to Nairobi for specialized treatment, Qatar and Turkey did a similar effort.

The last week attack in Mogadishu is said to be the worst the country has ever witnessed, Alshabab which has been known to carry such attacks has not yet claimed responsibility of the attack, but they are suspected to have carried and will not claim for political purpose.

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