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Eastleigh Business closed for fear of violence as Jubilee party primaries voting kicks off.

By NJ Correspondent:

Shops in Eastleigh mall along Gen. Waruinge street remain closed on Wednesday following Jubilee Party primaries.

Business in Eastleigh were on Wednesday, April 26 closed shops for fear of violence on the ongoing Jubilee Party primaries.

Business owners have decided to close shops after taking precaution over past weeks’ threats by politicians in the course of their campaigns on the streets of Eastleigh.

Hassan Abdullahi, a shop owner in Eastleigh told Nep Journal that they have decided to close shops for fear of possible erupt of violence on the ongoing party primaries voting across Nairobi County.

“Eastleigh business district Association have a day earlier warned us to be watchful in opening our shops during the primaries voting day,” said Abdullahi.

However, some residents of Eastleigh remained indoors for fear of violence while others walked to the voting centers to vote for their preferred candidates.

candidates seeking votes on the party primaries include Nairobi gubernatorial seat, Nairobi women representative, MP Kamukunji constituency,  Members of County Assemblies among others.

All seats attracted competitive candidates.

Businesses such as Hotel and restaurant, clothing, food stuffs, among others booms in Eastleigh’s commercial hub which is well known as little Mogadishu.

A one-day closure of Business in Eastleigh reckons loses of Millions of shillings.

There is no reported incidents in Eastleigh so far as Jubilee party primaries voting continues in several polling stations within Eastleigh town of Kamukunji constituency.

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