Dudutech signs deal with Kenya’s horticultural industry

Christine Siamanta
By Christine Siamanta October 13, 2017 13:37

The Kenyan horticultural industry is set to profit from a contract between agro input company Elgon Kenya and IPM category products producer Dudutech. Through the deal, the Kenyan company will dole out Dudutech’s worldwide recognized goods, an agreement billed as a game changer in the country’s horticulture industry.

The Horticultural sub sector is the top growing industry within the agricultural sector, recording a standard growth of 15 percent to 20 percent per year. The sub sector utilizes approximately 4.5 million people nationwide directly in production, processing, and marketing, while another 3.5 million people benefit indirectly through trade and other activities. “The contract ties with our mantra of finding pioneering solutions for our farmers and walking with them in their food production process.

The products have been tried and tested worldwide with remarkable results,” said Vikash Jain Head of crop nutrition at Elgon Kenya. Elgon Kenya benefits from a national network of stockists and agrovets making it easier to get the products to farmers across the nation.

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Notable products from Dudutech to be distributed by Elgon Kenya include Beauvitechtm WP known for its effectiveness against whiteflies, thrips and aphids, hypotech that deals with leafminer and shore flies. The joint venture comes even as more farmers shift to biological pests and disease control methods to enhance traditional arsenals as cost of pesticides rockets beyond farmers’ reach and with new pest and disease threats rising as a result of change in climate.

With years of verified track record of ground-breaking incorporated pest management solutions, Dudutech has been stepping up its determination to make sure that farmers effortlessly handle crop production threats through contemporary bio control production facility and a highly trained team. The joint venture will go a huge mile in guaranteeing that the key focal point of the farmers isn’t interrupted at any one particular point owing to pests and diseases that are becoming a painful daily reality.

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Christine Siamanta
By Christine Siamanta October 13, 2017 13:37

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