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Why the Duale-Nazlin alleged relationship should be taken with a pinch of salt

By Abdi Warsame:

Majority leader Aden Duale is no doubt a man under siege. From the opposition he ably silences and keeps at bay, colleagues eyeing his coveted National position to slay queens eyeing a share of his hard-earned wealth, the outspoken Garissa Township MP is having tough days in the field.

As the third high-ranking politician in the country, Duale’s position naturally attracts the kind of drama that we always witness.

Duale is known as an outspoken, hardworking and a go-getter politician who has redefined politics in Northern Kenya, a region hitherto considered a fertile ground for every other political party but which this time round he successfully marshaled behind the ruling Jubilee coalition. A region whose leaders hitherto acted like guests at the national level but of late are a force to recon with, thanks to the Duales, Keynans, Kerrows et al. Duale also redefined politics at the National level ably defending his seniors President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto. In the line of his duty, the Majority leader has crossed paths with many friends and foes leading to his labelling of funny names such as ‘sycophant’, ‘arrogant’, ‘mouth piece of jubilee’ etc.

While many slap him with names for carrying out his duty with zeal and zest, others work round the clock to either ‘tame’ him or cut him down to size!

Of all the spanners thrown in Duale’s way, the weirdest of them came this week when allegations sufficed of his purported three-year old relationship with an old relict in the name of Nazlin Umar, a widow who has made a career extorting money from her ‘lovers’.

While Duale may not be a saint, Nazlin’s claim as widely publicized by local tabloids, most probably with her blessings, should be taken with a pinch of salt. All odds are against the old lady, who is also by the way a political nomad since she has changed political affiliations the way she does with her romantic escapades.

Prior to the just concluded bungled elections, Nazlin was always after opposition Chief Raila Odinga and his NASA coalition but unfortunately failed to attract the ears of the ruling Jubilee coalition, which gave her and her petty bashing of Raila a wide berth. Sometimes back, she was all-over the place claiming she was denied the chance to contest in the elections while during the just concluded repeat presidential elections, she was at it again claiming she could not find her name in the voters register. Just like the proverbial herder who cried wolf when there was none, Nazlin is always at the receiving end of self-inflicted problems, most of which end up turning the tables on her, thus depicting her as a cheap attention seeker.

In her latest attempt, Nazlin has picked the wrong target. Not only did she malign Duale by her alleged relationship expose but she has also demonized the culture of the Somali Community and their men folk. It is against this backdrop that the Somali man in me, previously irked by allegations levelled against Duale, now feel the target and obliged to give this right of reply to her Majesty, the Intruder-in-Chief of relationships.

Let me remind Nazlin that the very Majority Leader she is slandering is the de facto leader of the Somali community, a role that was never before assumed by any politician from the region but which Duale automatically assumed by virtue of his unmatched leadership skills. His politics and development record extends beyond his Garissa township constituency and Duale is simply to Northern Kenya, what Raila is to Nyanza, Mudavadi and Wetangula are to Western, Ruto is to Rift Valley and Uhuru is to Central Kenya.

Majority Leader Aden Duale joins students for a jig after a past official function at their school. Duale has transformed education among other sectors in Garissa and the region at large.

A leader in Duale’s position attracts love and loathe in equal measure. To the Somali and Muslim communities in the country at large, He commands unprecedented respect and is held in high esteem. Under his tenure, Islamic institution throughout the country have been empowered through increased capacity building and funding from his constituency’s CDF kitty as well as organized fundraisers that have seen millions raised for each of the beneficiary institution from Mombasa to Mandera. In short, he has used his influence and national stature to the benefit of his people, we could not ask for more, and that is why he will be there to stay!

In Garissa for example, hundreds of virgin, pious and beautiful girls graduate annually from Islamic and Secular institutions that receive Duale’s direct financial and material support. As a result, the same girls and their parents adore him so much so that each parent would willingly give his/her daughter’s hand in marriage to the outspoken Garissa Township MP. With these untapped resources at his disposal, I doubt a man of Duale’s stature would drool for a ramshackle, let alone drive it for three years.

On the contrary, the allegations come from a known extortionist, while the Nairobian alleged she demanded Kshs 200 Million, a decent house and a lexus, it is on record that the same culprit has sued the Kenya government for Sh2 billion besides the court battles over alimony with billionaire businessman Madatali Chatur, who denied ever marrying her under Islamic Sharia Law in 2010.

In this case, Nazlin sought over Sh200 million and a Mercedes Benz from the tycoon who owns New Muthaiga Shopping Mall, ABC Place, and Diamond Plaza all in Nairobi telling the court that Chatur her all these as dowry. She also wanted him to pay her on the basis that he took over all her liabilities and responsibilities when he married her. Nazlin went further and laid claim to several properties owned by Chatur including the aforementioned mall and plaza as Chatur had ‘failed to provide her with care, love and support.’

Chatur denied the claims and accused Nazlin of being an extortionist as claims of dowry, gifts by Nazlin were false, and the case was intended to malign and scandalize him. The case has vanished form the corridors of justice from April 2014.

I have listened to the ‘leaked’ lovey-dovey telephone conversation and even if it was a genuine one, does not warrant any attention to back a strong extortion case since the male speaker spoke with an apologetic tone and no much wrong doing was evident, the female speaker on the other hand seemed to have been play-acting.

Given Nazlin’s track record, Majority leader Aden Duale will no doubt be a saint in matters matrimonial trespass. Nazlin is a disgrace to the Muslim Community in this country, a community that has the right channels to resolve matrimonial disputes. Her turning to the tabloids to publicize an alleged matrimonial dispute, if at all one existed, without exhausting the right channels, calls for an urgent response from the Muslim community and their respected clerics to shed more light on how such matters should be handled by those who profess the Islamic religion, which both Nazlin and Duale subscribe to.

That Nazlin is desperate for attention is evident from the way she hops from one victim to another. After her latest expose failed to raise the expected storm, she now turning her eyes on the country’s top security organs and their heads including the Inspector General of Police, Director of Public Prosecutions and the National Intelligence Service implicating them in allegations of threats to her life following the expose.

In her latest Facebook post. Nazlin goes further and extends her vitriol to the Somali community especially their men folk. “My untold suffering in this prison of silence continues. No freedom of choice. State machinery in full force? For what? Fruits of extreme psychotic love? This is utterly unIslamic and inhuman. Is this the culture of the Somali community, their menfolk? Posed Nazlin.

From this post, it is evident she is widening her dragnet to the Somali Community at large, the country’s security machinery as well as any other weak targets in a bid to attract the elusive attention and public empathy she so desperately needs.

I will keep my fingers crossed, eagerly awaiting and looking forward to the next victim of her dragnet. Until then, let me dash for my helmet until we meet again in the next series of the unfolding drama. Afro-cinema continues…

The writer is a concerned citizen of Wajir County. He can be reached through his email




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