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Drinking wine and preaching water

President Uhuru Kenyatta has for the past few months been pushing for the reduction of the huge expenditure and wage bill of his government.

He has put forth several proposals including pay cuts for himself, his deputy and cabinet. But just the other day, he was in Mombasa supporting the push by the MCAs to have car grants.


President Uhuru in a past trip

You can imagine the consequence of such a move if it sees the light of day because treasury will cough out extra billions to meet this demand.

Yet again, today the president decided to travel to Arusha by road allegedly to show Kenyans that they can move with ease within East Africa. I am sure Kenyans don’t need such lessons as they hassle to and from all the neighbouring countries day in day out.

The President’s motorcade comprised of more than 50 fuel guzzlers. In simple economics, the Government incurred a lot of avoidable expenditure in the name of travel allowances paid to all those accompanying him, fuels, puncture repair e.t.c.

Travelling by air would have been economical. The president was accompanied by a host of leaders including his deputy who escorted him up to the Namanga border.

The president is on a two day official visit and will on Tuesday, as the EAC Chairman address the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) on the progress of integration, the priority areas and the role of the assembly in relation to the council and secretariat in achieving these goals. 

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