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Drama as donkeys with graffiti message abandoned in Nairobi CBD

By Hussein Yare.

Donkeys with graffiti message ‘tumechoka’ dropped in Nairobi streets on Thursday morning

Donkeys with graffiti message ‘tumechoka’ dropped in Nairobi streets on Thursday morning

There was drama in Nairobi CBD this morning after activists dropped donkeys along Kenyatta and Moi avenues.

The donkeys were ferried in a lorry and had a graffiti painting that read ‘tumechoka’(we are tired).

The first batch of 22 was dropped outside I&M building attracting a huge crowd that wanted to get a glimpse of the message.

County askaris and police herded away the animals believed to have been ferried to the CBD by activists protesting the high cost of living in the country.

The animals were bundled out of the lorry hurriedly because the activists feared arrest by police in the process causing physical injury to some of the animals.

“We are tired of this leadership,” shouted one activist as he pushed the donkeys out of the lorry.

In a similar incident, activist brought a pig and about a dozen piglets outside Parliament buildings in May this year after the newly elected MPs tabled a bill seeking to increase their.

Rights activist Boniface Mwangi led the protests then.

No one was arrested for today’s incident so far but Police said they were pursuing those involved.


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