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Dr. Abass Gulet calls on students to leverage on power of technology as he assumes office as the first Chancellor of Umma University

By Yusuf Hamza:

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Students have been asked to come up with solutions to challenges facing the country by leveraging on the power of technology and entrepreneurship.

Kenya Red Cross Society Secretary General Dr. Abass Gulet made the remarks in his acceptance speech as the first Chancellor of Umma University.

Speaking at the University’s main campus in Kajiado County on Friday, Gulet hailed the impact of the University during the short period it has existed but added there was more to be done.

“For the short period Umma University has existed as an accredited University, it has developed its academic infrastructure and human resource. This is a clear testimony that is joining the ranks of institutions of higher learning that aim at nurturing highly knowledgeable, creative and motivated leaders who aspire to shape and contribute to national and regional developments” he said.

“It is for this reason that it is a great privilege for me to join Umma University community as its First Chancellor and to forge a commitment to academic excellence” added the veteran aid worker.

In the speech laden with motivation for the youth, Gulet said the current generation was the most powerful of the entire human history because they have sophisticated technologies at their command.

He therefore called on the youth to leverage on this God-send opportunity to change the world in a positive manner.

Gulet said these impact must be felt within the University locality before it is extended to the rest of the country and the World over.

“A university is a place where knowledge and creativity meet. It is here where new ideas, new paradigms and discoveries are made. It is here that solutions are generated to problems that face us.” He said.

“But that knowledge can only be valuable when it spills over to the surrounding of the University and beyond. This means the University must provide a great service first and foremost to the community surrounding its area of location. It must touch and transform their lives” he added.

He asked students to study with a view to creating jobs rather than seeking them.

“Students in our University should be job givers and not job seekers. It is the mission of your life to give, to create opportunities using the skills you develop while at the University. Creation of jobs is not a difficult thing” Gulet said.

“As you study at Umma, you must go for the big things. Students like all human beings are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship creates opportunities for others” he said urging the institution’s teaching staff to bring out the creative power of entrepreneurs in the students “so that they can create jobs and thus create a new world for themselves and others”. He added.

Gulet announced the University’s strategic plan will be implemented to the letter and its growth managed strategically by developing pieces of land it owns in Isiolo, Tanariver and Lamu Counties.

The Chancellor pledged to work closely with all stakeholders to take the university to greater heights and make it a key player in the country’s education sector.

Chancellor Gulet is a renowned academician and aid worker and is credited with steering the Kenya Red Cross Society to greater heights.

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