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Don’t target communities and religion in war on terror – KNCHR

Mbarak Abucheri:


Kenyan security agencies have been urged not to target communities and religion in the war on terror but individuals who carry out acts of terrorism.


These sentiments were made by George Morara the Vice Chair Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) who accused the police force of targeting the Muslim and Somali community in the fight against terrorism.


Morara said the ongoing war on radicalization and terrorism that is being coordinated by multi-agency state security should focus on individuals who commit the crimes instead of the blanket condemnation of members of the Somali community and Muslims in general.


“Communities do not commit terror, religions do not commit terror, it is individuals,” he said on Wednesday when he appeared on a local television talk show on the state of human rights in the country.


He was reacting to the recent damning report by the commission on police brutality, where he condemned police response to terror attacks saying their actions are in complete disregard of human life contrary to the rule of law and international human rights.


“We have cases of people being killed and disappearing and we are constantly told that is not the policy of the government yet we continue having this cases. Are we extending the Westgate siege to the whole country? Is the whole country under siege whereby there is a breakdown of law and order?” Morara wondered.


Meanwhile three students who were reported to have been picked by police officers in Wajir County on Sunday in the latest incidents of enforced disappearances have been released.


Wajir West MP Abdikadir Ore, on Sunday broke the news saying the three were picked from their home during a police raid on Sunday.


“They were not booked at Wajir police station. Disappearances are real,” the MP said on his twitter account.


He gave the names of the missing students as Siyad Hassan Dagane, Yusuf Garad Durow and Issack Bille Muhammad who are students at Iftin and Makoror Secondary School.




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