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Donkey cart operators decry lack of preparedness in ‘sh*t control directive’

By Farah Adan:

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As the directive to have donkeys in Wajir fitted with a bag to collect their sh*t takes effect today, operators have decried lack of preparedness in the implementation.

In an interview with Nep Journal, a section of the town’s famous donkey cart operators who plied the trade for decades said County enforcement officers told them they were not allowed to use the already existing dumping bins in the town forcing them to carry along all the animal waste collected as they move around the town.

“We were not trained or shown how best to handle this matter which we have never witnessed before, some of us tied sacks behind the animal’s back. While the animals are themselves inconvenienced, there is risk of spoiling what we are transporting which may sometimes include foodstuff as the animals wags its tail” said Ibrahim Kamadare, a veteran donkey cart operator.

Kamadare added although it was the first day of implementation, operators have already felt the inconvenience as they are now forced to go off route to damp the waste hence eating up on their time of delivery of services.

“We are really inconvenienced but I believe we will catch up as time goes. If it is an initiative that is aimed at keeping the town clean, then we have no option but to play our part” he concluded.

Another operator who identified himself as Hassan Karetaale said they were having nice time since movement around the town which was previously anonymous with sandy roads has been made easier but added the latest directive cut short their celebrations.

Kareetale appealed to the County administration to erect special dust bins where to drop the animal waste as they went about their businesses.

donkey cart, kareeta-nepjournal

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