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Do you want to make the World a better place to live? Join Abdikadir Aden (HSC)

By Nepjournal

Environmental Ambassador Abdikadir Planting a tree to commemorate World Environment Day at Iftin Primary school

Environmental Ambassador Abdikadir Aden (in black suit) Planting a tree to commemorate this year’s World Environment Day at Iftin Primary school

Abdikadir Aden Hassan is a young Kenyan Environmentalist from Northern Kenya’s Garissa County.

He has dedicated his life to Environmental conservation and his efforts have been recognized by the World over.

He is an Environmental and peace ambassador who was awarded a Head of State Commendation (HSC) by President Uhuru Kenyatta for his contribution towards protection and sustainable management of the environment.

The young environmentalist has helped plant a lot of trees in Garissa and has at one time helped install dustbins in strategic locations within the town in partnership with Kengen, Garissa. This has greatly changed the face of Garissa as the town is now clean and greener.

In order to continue with his selfless service to our community, he needs our support. Youth throughout the region should also emulate him and give back to the community through voluntary services.

Currently, Automobiles manufacturer Toyota is running a challenge dubbed get going challenge and the winning challenge will be supported to the tune of US dollars 1,000,000/=

It is our moral obligation to support our brother Abdikadir in order to help him make the World a better place to live through Environmental conservation.

He really needs your vote. Your vote will allow him get support from Toyota in the Get Going Challenge. The number of votes dreams receive is also used in the screening process.

Kindly use the link below for voting. You can vote as many times as you can.

Please also share this link with your friends on social media networks and emails.

Nepjournal’s entire team has voted for his dream. Please do so!

Raise your voice, not the sea level!

For more information, Abdikadir’s contacts is as follows

Abdikadir planting an exotic tree at Modogashe Sub-County Hospital recently

Abdikadir planting an exotic tree at Modogashe Sub-County Hospital recently

Abdikadir Aden Hassan, Head of State Commendation (HSC)
African Development Ambassador,
Peace and Environment Ambassador,
Garissa County
P.O. Box 1632-70100,
Garissa, Kenya, East Africa
Cell: +254-724-400646/+254-738-422390/+254-752-300463/
Skype: Katharow
Facebook: Amb Abdikadir Aden Hsc
Twitter: @AbdikadirAdenKE



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