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Development partners commit to support Wajir in water, health and sanitation

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The County government of Wajir today organized a donor round table meeting in Nairobi to seek support in areas where there are developmental gaps in the county.

Governor Ahmed Abdullahi led county leaders in seeking support to fund water, health and sanitation projects to fast track growth of the county and the well being of it’s people.

Wajir Senator Abdirahman Hassan said Wajir needs a complimenting partner to achieve complete success in key areas of health and sanitation.

“Our county headquarters (Wajir town) is facing a serious challenge in water provision and we need urgent support to implement a flagship project that can permanently sustain this town,” said Hassan.

Hassan said other key areas where the county needs support include; water solution for Wajir town, redesigning and completion of the Wajir sewerage project, composite waste management program, solar power plant to supplement the current diesel power generation and connect more settlements, upgrade the four sub county hospitals to level 4 and upgrade major roads to improve mobility and economic integration with neighbouring counties.

“If we are to fix these problems with our annual allocations, we will spend six years doing nothing else and that is nearly impossible,” said Wajir governor Ahmed Abdullahi.

National treasury permanent secretary Kamau Thuge said Wajir was among counties that require additional support and assured development partners that it was one of the priority areas in the country.

The function was attended by MPs Abdikadir Ore (Wajir West), Abass Sheikh (Wajir East), Abdullahi Diriye (Wajir South), Mohamed Elmi (Tarbaj) and Fatuma Ibrahim (Women representative).

Representatives from donor agencies USAID, DFID, EU, the Swiss and Danish Embassies were also in attendance.

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