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Deliver or Depart Governor Nathif Jama tells County Staff

Garissa Governor reads Riot Act to County staff

Garissa County Governor with County Staff

Garissa County Governor Nathif Jama in a meeting with top County Staff at a Garissa Hotel


Garissa governor Nathif Jama has read the riot act to civil servants in the county to shape up or ship out saying that some of them were not giving value for the money they were earning.

Speaking during a consultative meeting with senior civil servants at a Garissa hotel on Thursday, a livid Jama said the county had big goals aimed at improving basic services for all residents and turning the county into the Dubai of East Africa.

“Those who do not wish to work properly, in the way we want them to work and do not care about the county which employs them, then they have an option,” he said adding, “those who do not wish to work with us and serve the poor people, then leave us and go.

He continued: “This County belongs to the people; we are here to help them, and if you (county staff) don’t care about them, leave us and go. I am reading the riot act to you, whether you like it or not, because I am distressed about the level of services residents are getting from some sections of civil service.”

The governor said the county would be ‘establishing a centre of excellence’ and would undertake a programme of change aimed at transforming the county into the Dubai of East Africa within the next decade, but said he could not wait for “those who are resistant to change to be part of the team”.

“The problems Garissa faces will not wait for these people to come around. And neither will we. So I have a special appeal to the senior political and administrative leaders. Help us deliver the change for there is much we can still do. And if you cannot, then it is time to make way for those who can.” added Jama.

At the same time, the governor hinted at a looming reshuffle in the county in a bid to make the office of the deputy governor more powerful.

In what analysts say is a way of wooing his number two Abdullahi Hussein who in the past has not shied away from voicing his disgruntlement at the supposed manner his office has been distanced from the day to day running of the county affairs, Nathif revealed that a reshuffle would see the deputy tasked with coordinating government business in all the county ministries.

He added that the deputy governor’s new office would be revamped and technocrats brought on board to help oversee performance in all county ministries.





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