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Defense Minister and Army Chief Resignation “personal” and “voluntary”- Somali Government


The government of Somalia has denied allegations that it forced its defense minister and army chief out of office saying the decision was “personal” and “voluntary”.

The federal minister of information, Abdirahman Yarisow confirmed the resignation of the two citing person reasons; Abdirahman Yarisow said the cabinet minister accepted the decision of the Defense Minister.

“The Defense Ministry has submitted the personal resignation of country’s military chief to the cabinet, and then defense minister submitted his resignation too, citing personal reasons,” the information minister Said.

Sources say the relation between the Defense Minister and the army chief was not good but many were surprised by their sudden resignation at the same time, the two were said to have forced to resign.

Other sources claim the Defense Minister Abdirashid Abdullahi resignaed due to lack of consultations from the Prime Minister Ali Khere. On other part the army chief is said to have resigned due to failures of the Somali National Army.

The president of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo immediately appointed General Abdi Jama Hussein to fill the vacancy of the SNA chief, the information minister confirmed.

The resignation of the two will be a setback to the government effort in fighting the Alshabab Militia, the Somali government wants the international community to lift an international arms embargo.
Turkey recently opened its largest foreign military base in Mogadishu, where it will train Somali troops in hopes of strengthening the army to fight off al-Shabab.

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