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Death and destruction in Wajir as tribal clashes continue

S. Hassan, Wajir:

A house goes up in flames after it was torched by angry mourners in Wagberi location, Wajir.

A house goes up in flames after it was torched by angry mourners in Wagberi location, Wajir.

Hundreds of people were displaced today and several houses razed to the ground in Wagberi village of Wajir County following yesterday’s killing of 12 people in Gunana location.

The clashes pitting the Degodia and Garre communities have seen both clans carry out attacks and retaliatory attacks and the latest incident saw close to 30 people killed in Gunana and Batalu areas of Wajir over the last two days.

Twelve people killed in yesterday’s attack in Gunana were today buried in Wajir after their bodies were brought in from the scene of attack last night.

Eight others who were injured in the attack are currently receiving medication at Wajir County hospital while one person who was seriously injured was referred to Nairobi.

After the burial ceremony, angry mourners from the Degodia community descended on Wagberi location which forms the single largest Garre settlement in Wajir town torching houses and forcing hundreds to flee their homes.

One of the families displaced by the violence in Wagberi today

One of the families displaced by the violence in Wagberi today move their valuables.

Businesses in the town came to a standstill as a result of the escalating clashes. A spot check by Nepjournal revealed that many shops were closed for the better part of the day for fear of the imminent attacks and looting. Areas we visited include Qorahey, soko mjinga and along Mandera road.

Elsewhere, leaders from the County have appealed to the residents to remain calm as they pursue alternative options of finding a lasting solution to the persistent tribal clashes.

Speaking at the burial ceremony of those killed in Gunana which was conducted in Wajir today, the leaders appealed to the Central government to deploy more security personnel in the area to stop more bloodshed.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi who led the team said that Counties in the North Eastern region are grappling with myriad of security challenges ranging from border disputes, cross-border attacks by Al-Shabaab and the persistent tribal clashes among others.

“In the last 50 years, the little resources allocated to Northern Kenya was mainly used in fighting insecurity, today even with the devolved systems, the security threats are straining our efforts to develop our area” Said Abdullahi while addressing the media in Wajir.

He was accompanied by Mps Abass Sheikh of Wajir East, Adan Keynan of Eldas

Wajir Governor and MPs

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi accompanied MPs Adan Keynan (Eldas), Abass Sheikh (East) and a host of other leaders



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