Crack the whip in Mandera also, local leaders tell Nkaissery

By NepJournal April 23, 2015 16:19

Crack the whip in Mandera also, local leaders tell Nkaissery

By Abdinasir Ali

bilow kerow

Senator Kerrow speaking at the press conference held in Tom Mboya labour college, Kismu.


Mandera leaders have renewed calls for the withdrawal of the Kenya Defence Forces from Somalia as well as the sacking of top security and administration officials in the County.

Speaking at Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu where they are attending this year’s devolution conference, the leaders say that KDF should be redeployed to local territories instead as the militia has made it a habit sneaking in and out of the country.

But shortly after they made the calls, reports came in about an incident in the county where al-shabaab militants kidnapped Arabia Chief Mr. Muktar Maalim Aden alias Otieno as he travelled to his duty station from Mandera.

“Civil servants are fleeing the county, people are terrified and little work is going on in Mandera yet all we are told by security chiefs is that all is well,” said Mandera Senator Hon. Billow Kerrow.

The Senator took issue with Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery for his handling of the security situation in Mandera.

He now wants him to crack the whip on the county’s security chiefs the way he did in Garissa.

“Why is the CS only interested in the security of Garissa where he has sacked security bosses and continues to claim he has confidence in the security chiefs in Mandera yet they are failing in their duties?” he posed.

Al-shabaab has intensified attacks in Kenyan territories since KDF crossed over to Somalia in 2011 with the deadliest of their attacks being the one on Garissa University College early this month.



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By NepJournal April 23, 2015 16:19

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