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Court stops vetting and approval of Garissa County Chief Officers

The Employment and Labor relations court in Nairobi has stopped the recruitment process of the Chief Officers of Garissa County as recently nominated by Governor Ali Bunow Korane.

In a court order certified urgent and dated November 21, the court termporily halted the process pending hearing of the case in which Aden Mohamud Dagane, Hussein Abdullahi Abdi and Hassan Diis Dekow are the first, second and third petitioners.

“That the Honorable Court do issue a conservatory order stopping the respondents from continuing with the vetting and appointment of persons as Chief Officers for Garissa County pending the inter parties hearing and determination of this application” reads the order in part.

The case will be heard on 29th November.

Governor Ali Korane, County Government of Garissa and the County Assembly of Garissa have been listed as the first, second and third respondents.

In his nomination notice, Korane cited he looked into all constitutional requirements of Geographical representation, Gender, Clan dynamics, Knowledge, skills and experience among others when making the appointments.

He also pledged any gaps in the appointments will be taken care of in subsequent public service appointments.

The case is the first one of its kind even though Madera County Assembly also rejected the list of County Executive Committee Members nominated by Governor Ali Roba.

In Wajir however, Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud’s list was approved by the County Assembly.

Wajir’s smooth sailing is attributed to the fact that elected county leaders came to power on a coalition that was built on power sharing rather in Garissa and Mandera where Governors Ali Korane and Ali Roba fought off stiff competition from their challengers.

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