Court blocks Joho arrest

Abdirahman Hussein
By Abdirahman Hussein October 5, 2017 17:18

The high court has blocked the arrest of Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho over a case of fake academic papers.

The court was today expected to rule whether the governor will face a probe and possible prosecution over alleged forgery of his academic papers.

The court ruled that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Inspector General and Directorate of Criminal Investigations have all violated the constitutional right of the Mombasa governor.

Justice Erick Ogola who made the judgment said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations has misused his power.

Justice Erick Ogola also faulted the government for withdrawing the security details of Joho and afterward freezing his bank accounts. He said the security apparatus involved themselves in investigating Joho’s academic papers.

The judge also questioned the timing of the complainants who he said had made similar accusation in the 2013 general elections.

The governor has also in the past blocked similar move to arrest him, in May this year  he successful blocked police and the DPP from arresting, charging and prosecuting him.

He currently faces a court battle over his August 8 election, his opponent claims irregularities and stolen victory in the last elections.

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Abdirahman Hussein
By Abdirahman Hussein October 5, 2017 17:18

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