County set to spend Sh300m on terror war

By NepJournal April 30, 2015 08:20

By Anita Chepkoech – Nation.

wajir governor ahmed abdullahi-nepjournal

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi speaking at a past event

A whopping Sh300 million will be set aside this year to help fight insecurity and woo teachers and doctors back to Wajir.

Governor Abdullahi Mohammed said the money would be used to tackle a range of security issues.

This will include anti-radicalisation in schools, logistical support to police and an allowance for community informers.

Mr Abdullahi said insecurity caused by Al-Shabaab terrorists had paralysed learning in the region.

“The budget is yet to be approved. But I thought there is no point using a lot of money to build dispensaries and schools whereas the workers are too insecure to make use of them. The people will still not receive services,” he told the Nation by phone yesterday.

He said officials had asked all schools to provide time every afternoon for children to be trained on anti-radicalisation. The county education board, he said, would ensure that the directive is followed.

“It’s an investment on children for the future. No one takes their children to school so that they can blow themselves up like the lawyer who was shot after he killed innocent students at Garissa University,” he said.


The county has also set up a team to counsel and “remove the fear factor” in the local people caused by killings of chiefs, informers and moderate sheikhs.

As part of the security measures, the county is planning to buy and fuel police vehicles, employ county government informers and support community policing through stipends for volunteers.

“People will say security is not my mandate, but I can’t sit by any longer watching as developments, economic activities and service to public go down the drain because of insecurity,” he said.

He said the region had been hard hit by insecurity due to its proximity to Somalia.

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By NepJournal April 30, 2015 08:20

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