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County seeks to boost revenue by automating collection systems

By S. Hassan,

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County Executive committee member for Environment, energy and natural resources Mr. Salah Yaqub addressing the participants

In a bid to increase revenue and seal loop holes in revenue collection, the County Government of Garissa has announced plans to go cashless by September this year.

This was disclosed by the County Executive committee member for Environment, energy and natural resources Mr. Salah Yaqub who was recently selected by Governor Nathif Jama to head a taskforce charged with coming up with ways of improving revenue collection in the County.

Speaking after he opened a one day induction workshop for the newly recruited revenue and enforcement officers held at a Garissa hotel, Mr Yakub said that the automation will help the county achieve its revenue target of 500million Kes per year up from the current 96million Kes per year.

He urged the officers to carry out their duties diligently to ensure that the target is achieved. He also appealed to local residents to embrace the system once it is launched as it will help the county realize increased development.

Speaking at the same function, the Executive committee member for Finance, revenue and economic planning Mr. Abdihakim Sheikh Dayib said that once the system is put in place, the county will adopt electronic payment services on all available platforms including mobile money transfer and credit cards.

Mr. Dayib added that the county will introduce its own version of ‘Huduma centers’ which were established by the central government to offer all essential services under one roof.

This he said will ensure smooth service delivery as wananchi will not waste their precious time moving from one office to another.

The function was also graced by Chief Officers Abdullahi Omar, Finance, Mohamed Daud, Trade and Abdinassir Sheikh of the Lands docket. Director of revenue Mr. Roble Issa and revenue administrator Mr. Mohamed Sheikh were also present.


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