County pulls down Facebook post on Rhamu attack after attracting fury of readers

By NepJournal July 1, 2015 22:13

By Ibrahim Issack


a street in Mandera town

The county government of Mandera has today pulled down a post from the county’s official Facebook page after it sparked a furious social media blacklash.

The update on the inter-clan clashes pitting the Garre and Degodia was about the latest incident on a woman shot dead in Rhamu, Mandera North – the epicenter of the clashes last year.

The post attracted hundreds of comments criticizing the county government and accusing it of promoting tribalism and fueling the continued clashes.

The county position according to the statement purportedly appeared to suggest that one clan is responsible for the latest incident.

“The motive of the attack is not yet known but it is instructive to know that identity card registration exercise was to start at Shantoley in Rhamu tomorrow after all the other centers in Mandera North were completed. Reports indicate that this is the only centre with largest applicants coming from the Garre community. All the other centres are predominantly Degodia. This information should be considered in any investigation about this murder so that we don’t brush off this killing as just another revenge killing.” read the statement in part.

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By NepJournal July 1, 2015 22:13

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