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County asks donkey cart operators to ensure no donkey sh*t spoils newly constructed tarmac roads

Farah Adan:

Wajir donkey carts -nepjournal

A donkey cart operator in Wajir goes about his business as the beast of burden leaves behind a trail of sh*t in one of the town’s recently tarmacked roads. Picture: Farah Adan.

The County government of Wajir is now calling on Donkey cart operators in the town to manage their animals to ensure they don’t soil the newly tarmacked roads in the town.

In a notice from the office of the town administrator dated May 23, a copy of which Nep Journal has seen, the administration said while it appreciated the contribution of the operators to the economy of the County, It would not compromise on the town’s cleanliness.

“You are directed to attach a bag at the back of your donkey to collect all feaces to avoid poop all over the tarmac road creating nuisance” reads the notice in part.

The notice which takes effect on May 26 further warns operators of a lockout from the town if they fail to implement the directive.

Donkey carts are widely used in Wajir and provide low coast light cargo transport within the town.

The operators were inconvenienced during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent tour of the town among other North Eastern counties when they were reportedly ordered out of the tarmacked roads, lest they spoil before the presidential launch.

A similar directive raised controversy in Somalia in the late eighties after the then President the late Mohamed Siad Barre introduced measures to spruce up images of the city of Mogadishu.

It is not however clear how Wajir residents and donkey cart operators will react to the directive by the County administration.

donkey carts or kareeta in wajir-nepjournal

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