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Counties must chip in to enhance security efforts – Young Ambassador

By Suleiman Hassan

Ambassador Abdikadir speaking at a past event

Ambassador Abdikadir speaking at a past event

Young Peace and Environment Ambassador Mr. Abdikadir Aden urged County Governments to join hands in enhancing security in the country.

Speaking to Nepjournal in an exclusive interview, Mr. Abdikadir Aden, HSC has challenged counties to play a great role in tackling emerging challenges of insecurity that has rocked the country. He has much emphasized on the need for the Governors playing a stakeholder role in promoting security affairs in their respective counties.

“The issue of governors asking for matters security to be devolved, by itself is a national security threat. If sharing of resources itself is a problem amongst different communities in a county, what do you think will happen when a section of certain community members are armed and have the security personnel under their commands? Counties will be burning, right? He asked.

From Westgate attack to the latest killings in Mandera, Kenya has been through hell over the past months with rising cases of insecurity everywhere.

“Insecurity is a national disaster but as Kenyans we must understand and accept that insecurity is a global threat and there is no reason for Kenyans to be divided at this stage; knowing that we share common problems that calls for unity of all Kenyans. To fight this war, we must be united and in solidarity at all times. Together we stand, divided we fall. There is no religion that supports acts of inhumanity and butchering of innocent souls. Not Islam neither Christianity. All religions propagate peace and harmony”. He says

With most of government services and operations having been devolved, much of the resources are in the hands of devolved systems of governments.

“Even though security is not devolved, that does not mean county governments should not support security. Some counties have a lot of resources. Why would a county with 10 Billion shillings cry of police living in poor conditions? Or half of that money going back to the treasury? Counties can come with initiatives such as “Usalama Fund” in order to even provide the basic needs for our men and women in uniform. Through this fund, they can provide housing, medical care, vehicles, communication kits, sponsor on job trainings and even take their kids to school” he added.

“I believe security starts with me, then the person next to me. As Kenyans, let’s watch at each other’s back so that we can all be safe. We need to take security responsibility before the government. That itself is a contribution. There is a lot ahead of us and the future in this country is promising” He concludes.

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