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Conflicting reports emerge from Eldas as rival groups claim clan endorsement in Wajir

By NJ Correspondent:

Eldas MP Adan Keynan addressing crowns at Kilkiley location in his Constituency when the Jibrail sub-clan of Degodia inaugurated their sultans mid this year.

Confusion marred the air in Wajir today after conflicting reports emerged from Eldas constituency with rival groups claiming and refuting clan endorsement for the hotly contested Eldas constituency seat in the 2017 general elections.

Reports indicated the Jibrail community has endorsed little known Ahmed Boray to take over from the incumbent veteran politician Aden Keynan but supporters allied to the latter refuted the claims.

“A group in their numbers went to Eldas yesterday to endorse Ahmed aka Boray to challenge the current Eldas legislator. It was believed earlier that Mohamed Muhumed aka pilot was the candidate the team fronted but last minute arrangements had proposed Borai. They went to the ground and pulled some crowd albeit not a huge one. No official agreement was reached” a local elder told Nep Journal on condition of anonymity.

He said Boray was fronted by a section of the Jibrail sub-clan of Degodia and was yet to get the larger community’s nod.

Relations between Eldas MP Adan Keinan and Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi has been rosy the recent past with the MP leading an onslaught to oust the governor.

Both were elected on and ODM ticket.

Efforts to get more information from Eldas MP Aden Keinan on the latest development from his backyard bore no fruits as his phone went unanswered.

Political temperatures have hit fever high in Wajir with local clans locked in closed door meetings to endorse their preferred candidates in the 2017 polls.

Governor Abdullahi shares a point with Wajir East MP Abass Sheikh during this year’s Jamhuri day celebrations

Wajir MP Abass Sheikh Mohamed was given the nod for a second term in office by his Masare clansmen over the weekend while the Fai community was holed up in meetings the past week aimed at resolving a standoff on their preferred gubernatorial candidate.

This came after Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud broke ranks with a July 28th verdict by his clansmen that endorsed Ugash Sheikh for the county’s top seat.

Ambassador Mohamed Abdi-Nepjournal

Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud addressing supporters when he announced his candidate in August.

With the standoff yet to be resolved, both sides are yet to back down.

The Ajuran clan has also held its family meeting where they resolved to back one candidate for the gubernatorial position who will in turn offer them the deputy governor’s position.

On the other side, the Ogaden clan is yet to name its gubernatorial candidate while outspoken academician Salah Abdi Sheikh, banking on his own strength is already on the ground engaging residents one-on-one with a view to pulling a surprise.

Salah has not been fronted by any clan like his peers, but his brand of politics will be put to test in a region that is largely adopting the clan system of primaries christened ‘negotiated democracy’.

Salah Abdi Sheikh has staged a different brand of politics in Wajir and the North Eastern region at large.


The renown writer and academician’s political bid was not discussed by his clansmen during their community meeting in Wajir the past week.

It is however believed he enjoys a formidable in the County especially among the youth who see him as opening new ways for them since many believe the clan primaries curtails their ambition and only rewards the well connected.






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