Commercial flights introduced in Dadaab

By NepJournal April 12, 2014 21:21

Commercial flights introduced in Dadaab

By Suleiman Hassan:

Residents of Dadaab have a reason to smile following the introduction of commercial flights by a local businessman.

Skyward international made its maiden flight to Dadaab on Friday and will be flying from Nairobi to Dadaab via Garissa two times per week. The flights will be on Monday and Friday.

dadaab flight 1

Skyward aviation’s maiden flight to Dadaab

The proprietor of the company Mr. Ahmed Abdi Yare said that this was a first in Dadaab and will ease the transport crisis experienced by the residents especially during emergencies and rainy seasons when roads are impassable.

“I am happy to introduce this service because I know it will help my people” he said adding that they will give affordable and reliable air transport services.

Dadaab M.P. Hon. Dr. Dahiye who was among the first passengers and was the chief guest at the launch of the first flight at Dadaab airstrip expressed his pleasure at the introduction of the commercial flights.

dadaab flight 2

Dadaab M.P. addressing the press at Dadaab airstrip when he launched the flight

“This service will help the residents, the refugees and all those who want to travel to and from Dadaab” he said.

Dadaab airstrip was mostly used by UN and other NGOs operating in the refugee camps.

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By NepJournal April 12, 2014 21:21

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