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Coffee makes you wake up late, Junk food gives you diabetes


Coffee at night?

A US study has shown that drinking coffee 3 hours before bedtime makes people wake up 40 minutes later than normal.

Drinking coffee before bedtime alters the body clock. Caffeine is said to disrupt the sleep hormone melatonin.

Week of junk food and fizzy drinks causes diabetes

Overeating can leave people prone to type 2 diabetes scientists claim.

A team at Temple University in the US placed six healthy male volunteers and fed them 6000 calories worth of junk food everyday for a week.

They were prevented from exercising and bed bound. Within 2 days each developed diabetes. The volunteers gained about 16kg of weight and the doctors say it will take them months to shed the weight.

The team think they know why the volunteers developed diabetes. urine samples taken over the week showed all the signs of oxidative stress which hinders blood sugar regulation because it changes the protein that takes glucose out of the bloodstream

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