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Coast youth urged to venture into fish farming

By Mbarak Abucheri
Project manager of Shakirina Youth for Development Sister Naima  Zubeir  addressing participants during the workshop in Mombasa. Youth in Coast region have been called upon to venture into the fishing industry to generate income and improve on their livelihood.
Speaking on Monday in Mombasa during a one day youth training session on   fish farming, the Project manager of Shakirina Youth for Development Sister Naima  Zubeir  said fish farming is a profitable  and a lucrative  venture that youth in the Coastal region can pursue to uplift their living conditions.
Naima said fish farming offers unexploited business opportunities for youth which can improve their socio-economic status and encouraged young people to venture into the sector to generate income for sustainability. “There are quite a few opportunities within the fishing industry. Most people look at it and see it as being a dirty job, but you can be a fisherman, you can be a fish processor. You can add value to your fish. So it is quite an exciting area to get into,” she said.
Naima advised youth to take up fish farming as an economic venture adding that the market for fish is ready and the supply has never met the demand. “Young people only have eyes on motorcycle business but there are many unexploited opportunities in fish farming which the youth have never discovered”, said Naima
She encouraged youth to obtain more information on fish farming and to attend training programmes by the department of fisheries in order to improve on their knowledge and capacities.
The project manager observed that economic empowerment of youth in the region will go to great length to reduce poverty levels in the local communities.
The one day  youth convention organized by Community Action  for Nature Conservation  attracted over 600 participants who utilize the occasion to discuss various challenges affecting them and how the trend could be addressed.

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