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Clan endorses unqualified candidate for Women MP position

By Nep Journal Correspondent:


A candidate endorsed by the Abdwak clan of Garissa County for the position of Women MP lacks the required academic qualifications Nep Journal has learnt.

Anab Subow Mohamed scored a mean grade of D- in the 2001 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and has no other academic and professional qualification.

Anab got the nod of her clansmen after the position was reserved for the Rer Harun sub-clan of Abdwak in a recent community driven primaries under a group of elders ‘The Junta’.

Her only rival, who was highly qualified Jawahir Keynan Hassan was left out despite her decorated CV and post graduate qualifications.

Jawahir has however signaled her intention to soldier on and appear on the ballot come 2017.

Sources told Nep Journal Chairman of the Junta Mr. Abdirahman Sheikh Khalif Gure is a close relative of Anab who was given the nod by the selection panel.

Given the Abdwak clan’s determination to unseat the incumbent Governor Nathif Jama, it is believed the position will after all be used by the community in their coalition negotiations with other clans.

It was not clear whether Anab was chosen because of her closeness to the Chairman or due to the community’s intention to relinquish the position in exchange for a coalition agreement with other clans.


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  1. Maryan warab

    Does academic qualfication matter in terms of leadership someone might not be good in academics but can be good in governance so who said we want masters holder then we should have gone for the 3 others who were drop either because their families were given other seat or because they decided to drop out of the race whoever is critising Anab we want her with those grade so keep off her papers even Prof Ali Mazrui was Div 4 &he worked hard to reach being proffesor so whoever is given a chance can reach his limits

  2. Ik Hajji

    Comment…This is a trash post and disgusting to say the least. An idiot and a stupid author. Anab deserves and has the qualifications to soldier the position.


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