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Clan Chauvinism, our biggest undoing!

By Haji Omaarey Osman:


Clan Chauvinism or clan loyalty is Wajir County’s biggest ruination as like anywhere else in Kenya. Picture this: Why is there a water and sanitation crisis in Wajir Town? Because of sub clan loyalty, nobody owns the town and although everybody lives there, majority don’t consider it as their home. Someone living in Wajir Town has his heart in Buna, Eldas, Hadado, Habaswein, Wajir Bor or Tarbaj. The town is nobody’s, so nobody cares, and besides even tapping water from some place gets embroiled in clan politics. We all live in the town but we rather live thirsty than solve our common problem.

Why is the health system failure completely?

Because of clan chauvinism. Nobody can enforce discipline on the healthcare system. Every employee, contractor or visitor is protected by a clan. So employees don’t commit to the work they are employed to do. Nobody can be disciplined and we all suffer poor services. A former Chief Officer told me that he could not even remove a ghost worker. So we all suffer because we are loyal to something that was given to us from the past that we have to defend our clan loyalty.

Why is the education sector failing?

Because promotion, demotion, performance and every other aspect is influenced by clan chauvinism. Headmasters are appointed by politicians to reward their clans. Teachers face harassment if they are posted to some schools. The whole system is dominated by Yaa tahay (your clan?) and Yu yahay (his clan?). So our children are not getting educated because we are unable to understand where our interest lie.

Everything that is wrong is Wajir County has roots in clan chauvinism. If this identity is causing us so much pain, shouldn’t we cast it off?

I can honestly confess that in my 30 odd years in this life, I have benefited nothing from belonging to a clan. I have however suffered, paid costs and wasted precious time on the clan I belong to and so is everyone else! I have benefited from being a human being. I got educated through scholarships provided by people who had no interest in anything else other than meritocracy. I do business with people who judge me on my competence and character and have no interest in my clan. Even in the times I have been in need, those who came to my aid were never interested in the origins of my grandfathers.

I am committed to destroying clan chauvinism by reorganizing society, reintegrating the community and providing social security that is independent of the clan. I feel we need to untether ourselves from this huge boulder called the clan.

I know many of you will read this post on your way to a clan meeting. Please communicate this to your clan members. Inform them it is time to cast off the shackles of clannism, tribalism and nepotism and join hands to face our common pressing problems.

Changing mind set of clannism in our society is hitting rocks on each other and expecting water melon. Nothing good is coming out of being loyal to your clan. Wajir is our clan anything above that is a waste.

The biggest disadvantaged group when it comes to clan affairs in our society is the youth. Used in the wrong direction for the wrong reasons.

Putting Wajir interest first will always take us far anything contrary to that will make us remain marginalized.

We have good option of leaders in the coming elections so don’t choose your tribe choose someone who will put developmental agendas on the table first, remember CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

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