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CIPK to partner with KFCB to stop immorality

By Mbarak Abucheri:

CIPK officials

The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya(CIPK) national officials in a group photo with Imams and Preachers from a cross the country after a past function.

The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) will partner with the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) to curb moral decay in the society.

This was resolved during a sensitization workshop held in Mombasa that brought together religious leaders, women and youth leaders from the region at the event held last week at the Kenya School of Government.

CIPK national organizing secretary Sheikh Muhammad Khalifa cited the growing threat of acts of immorality as the main reason for partnership with Kenya Film Classification Board.

He decried the high levels of moral decay among the young people, pointing out that the next generation was doomed if no measure is taken to return it to the right track.

“There is an increase in cases of drug abuse, betting, nudity, teenage pregnancy, school drop outs and youth unemployment that need to be addressed for proper growth and upbringing of our children,” said Sheikh Khalifa.

Sheikh Khalifa said their efforts would be directed at combating the growing commercial sex exploitation of children in sex-tourism at the coast noting that television stations and smart phones were being used by young people as tools to learn bad practices and deviant behaviors.

“We are happy to join forces with KFCB in the pursuit of good morals in the country,” said Sheikh Khalifa, adding that they supported censorship on inappropriate film and media content that violated moral values.

KFCB Chief Executive Officer, Ezekiel Mutua said they will not relent in cracking down on films and music videos that act as agents of moral decay by displaying violent and sexual acts.

“We cannot allow films and music videos and artists that show violence, lurid scenes and pornography as a way of attracting more business and fame,” said Mutua.

He also said they were worried by the mushrooming bestiality dens and strip clubs in Mombasa and its environs saying, “The clubs around the beaches could be seedy places where women and girls are being exploited by tourists”.

KFCB chairman, Bishop Jackson Kosgey cautioned the media not to contribute to moral degradation by presenting uncensored messages and images to the public.

Speaking at the workshop, Mombasa County Commissioner, Evans Achoki said the security agencies would not hesitate to raid premises where children are sexually exploited and women victimized.


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