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Chiloba dismisses Junet claims he contacted ROs to fake results

IEBC Chief Executive Officer on a temporary three-week leave has refuted claims by Suna East Mp Junet Mohammed that he was still overseeing the Thursday’s repeat presidential election that took place.

Chiloba dismissed Junet’s statement as reckless and prone to dividing the nation further through a tweet.

The NASA coalition cum National Resistance Movement urged all its supporters to keep off the repeat poll. “I wish I could see myself as powerful as Junet Mohammed does…misleading claims can only but polarize our country further,” Chiloba said.

Junet, the ODM director of elections, claimed that IEBC CEO was frantically calling Returning Officers across the country to fake results. The Mp is alleged to have spent the day in opposition leader Raila Odinga’s home before he made the remarks targeting Chiloba.

Chiloba  is on leave and was absent during yesterdays repeat election. Sources within IEBC said the CEO had reached the decision to exclude himself from the poll matters to build the confidence among the stakeholders. However, Nasa leaders during a Kisii rally said Chiloba’s leave was meant to blindfold them to take part in the election.

Raila Odinga claimed that Chiloba was even still reporting to the office to deal with preparations for the fresh presidential election. After the political stalemate that befell the country, the Opposition Kingpin said they will transform the coalition into a civil resistance movement. He urged his supporters to stay away from Thursday’s poll.

“We will gather and agree on a way to ensure that a fresh free and fair election is organised within 90 days, “he said at Uhuru Park on Wednesday. “ We call upon our supporters not to vote and to convince their neighbours not to take part in poll because it is a Jubilee election,” he said.

Raila further repeated the boycott threat citing there are many ways to do away with a cat – referring to his quest to oust Uhuru Kenyatta from presidency. He promised to give out instructions to boycott Newspapers and companies/businesses which are affiliated to the Jubilee government that forcefully imposes itself on the people by subverting the will of sovereignty of the Republic of Kenya.

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