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Chief escapes death narrowly as armed gunmen kill three in Wajir

By Abdiweli Aden

mohamud ali saleh - nepjournal

North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Ali Saleh speaking to the press in his office on Saturday. He also displayed weapons recovered from terror suspects in Yumbis.

Two men and a woman were last night shot dead by suspected members of Al-shabaab in two separate incidents in Wajir town.

The deceased woman is the second wife to a former chief of Eldas Mr. Abdi Adan and was shot dead at her homestead after reportedly pleading with the gunmen who scaled their wall to leave.

A neighbor told Nepjournal on phone that the gunmen were asking for Got Adde location Chief Mr. Yahya Abdi who is a tenant of the deceased’s family and lives in the same compound.

The chief was lucky to escape death as he fled by the time the gunmen came calling after a tip off from neighbors.

In a separate incident, two non-locals were also shot dead near Masjid Wusda as they walked to their homes.

The attacks come at a time when a curfew was in place in Wajir and the three other counties of Tanariver, Garissa and Mandera.

In Garissa, security agencies yesterday announced the arrest of three terror suspects as well as the recovery of three guns from them in an operation in Yumbis area.

Speaking to the press in his office, Regional coordinator Mohamud Ali Saleh termed the operation a success adding that they will not rest until they cleared the region of Al-shabaab.

Saleh pointed out that the militants largely operate from Boni forest along the border of North Eastern and Coast regions.

The refugee camps were once again in the picture as the coordinator said that they were a safe haven for the militants.

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