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The Centre for Multi-Party Democracy (CMD) calls for political discourse

The Centre for Multi-Party Democracy (CMD) is making plans to assemble a non-partisan seven member team from across the board to reconcile the present political impasse in the country.

This comes following Opposition leader Raila Odinga announcement to have himself sworn-in on December 12, which they say has separated the nation into tiny fragments.

The CMD Chairman Omingo Magara, spoke to the media after a closed-door meeting with the political party representatives.

Mr Maraga said that Kenya’s political standoff can only be resolved from a non –partisan approach.

“We have a crisis that must be worked out politically,” he pointed out admitting the present push and pull going on in the political scene.

Mr Maraga said the committee will be ready in the next two weeks and will give recommendations to reinforce institutions a sure bet to steer clear of cases of political conflicts each election phase.

“The only way to resolve this present dilemma and avoid a parallel situation in the future is to reinforce our institutions,” he said.

He emphasized on the necessity of strictly upholding to the rule of law even with the political impasse.

He called on urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto to extend an olive branch and hand and reach out to their opponents.

“Those who won the elections, in whatsoever form they are, hold dialogue and build a firm Kenya,” he said.

He persuaded President Kenyatta to build an all –encompassing government saying its one way to heal the nation.

He asked the President to make appointments to discuss and address the challenges of inequality.

“Have an all-encompassing administration that can repair the nation,” he told President Kenyatta adding that “it will resolve the challenge of disparity that’s the origin of all political troubles we face in Kenya.”

Magara downplayed the effects of the swearing-in ceremony of Odinga when asked by a reporter what it would mean for the country.

“We cannot pre-empt the debate. Let’s wait and observe,” he said.

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