On the fight against terror, let us do it differently.

🕔07:46, 23.Sep 2017

By Billow Abdi: Terrorism has caused us too much damage and as terrorist seem determined on their agenda most likely we will witness more of their heinous ideology mercilessly acting on us before our very eyes. What we clearly know

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In Northern Kenya: Our leaders should Know, Raila is beacon of hope in the sea of tyranny.

🕔17:45, 22.Sep 2017

Our Leaders From northern Kenya should not blackmail the electorate’s, the presidents and the Kenyans for taking bunch of Innocent people to state house signaling political support to the ruling elites of the country. They must know what kind of

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Memorable trip to Hargeisa

🕔19:39, 13.Sep 2017

BY Abdulwahab kore I jetted into Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland for some official business recently. I was last in this city way back in 2008 and was overly impressed by the development that has taken place in the

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Let us support education of our needy students for prosperity

🕔10:45, 4.Sep 2017

    BY Umar Sakwa Swaleh     We wish to take this opportunity to join others in congratulating our Muslim Students who have secured admission through Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement (KUCCP) to join Institutions of higher learning

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Preach peace, We can not afford bloodshed!

🕔09:35, 21.Jul 2017

By Ali Maalim: Exactly three years ago, we fled Wajir County following ethnic clashes that claimed many lives and left thousands displaced. The clashes were believed to be politically motivated and attributed to the historical border disputes between the inhabitants

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Joho has scored big in spat with the President

🕔10:08, 20.Jul 2017

By Abubakar Bishar: Ali Hassan Joho was born on 26th February 1976 in Mombasa, he is today the governor of the county. Besides a rich political background and good record in public service, Joho has had an illustrious career as

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The illusion of Clan numbers and the role of perceptions

🕔12:55, 4.Jul 2017

By Ahmedsulub Haji While the opinion polls continue to deliver bad news for the Nathif government, it’s only survival is cling false perceptions about his strongest opponent! It’s true that despite a sharp decline in his political fortunes since his

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The Somalia I longed to See

🕔18:37, 7.Jun 2017

By Billow Hassan Abdi Since the downfall of the central government in 1992, Somalia has been in a series of catastrophic conditions. The civic war that erupted in 1992 had led to physical and social destruction leaving millions of Somalis

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What will be the songs of Kenya’s Poor Voters?

🕔00:04, 10.May 2017

Axmed Caydid The season of fat creaky men dancing out of tune is nigh. Rallies and mikutanos, meetings and road shows will be filling our streets with colours, loud musics, pseudo-politics and incoherent men and women screeching for our inflamed

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Is Ahmed Nasir a Grand Mullah?

🕔22:12, 21.Apr 2017

By Ahmed Aydeed Stereotypes are normally deployed for the purpose of grouping people on basis of different socio-cultural categories such as ethnicity, religion and gender amongst others. They help us reduce complex concepts and issues into simple categories for efficient

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The paradox of Kenyan democracy

🕔13:32, 2.Apr 2017

By Abdirashid Diriye Kalmoy: “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity.” ― Frantz Fanon “We live in a country where our young ladies who have recently attained the age of puberty cannot afford

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Will Garissa County Keep the Political Torch for NEP?

🕔12:35, 31.Mar 2017

By Ahmed Caydid: Since independence, leadership of the Somalis in Kenya has resided in Garissa County. This has been a product of complex interactions of population, proximity to Nairobi and individual political talents. More interestingly, is the happenstance that a

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Environmental impacts of mushrooming villages and unplanned land use in Northern Kenya

🕔22:07, 28.Mar 2017

By Ahmed Abdi Hassan: We usually hear proper land use as early as grade four in schools; do we really internalize the actual meaning? I have no doubt all of us heard the term environmental impacts in our basic education;

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Why is the use of tribalism so important to the political class in Wajir County?

🕔08:16, 18.Mar 2017

By Nasir Madey. Hiding behind the whims of tribalism is the easiest way to mobilize for a political class without the intellectual sophistication to imagine higher non-ethnic, unitive political courses and narratives. For you to mobilize politically, you need a

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Legal Perspective on curfew Orders in Mandera

🕔22:13, 4.Mar 2017

By Adan Kulow Maalim: Many a time people in North Eastern Kenya assume that the law is entirely silent in so called “war against terrorism” or during counter-terrorist operations. This Article seeks to examine the history and constitutionality of the

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Open letter to Hon. Duale: Please accept votes alone can either keep or send you home

🕔11:29, 27.Feb 2017

By Dahir Abdullahi Dear Hon. Aden Duale, I hope this letter reaches you in good health and Iman. Sir, I would like to address you on a number of disturbing issues that you have raised, groomed and which are manifestly

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Wairigi Commentary on Cushitic people was disguised hate speech.

🕔11:36, 25.Feb 2017

By Ahmed Caydid: No one has perfect day every day. Last Sunday was definitely not Gitau Wairigi’s day. He reduced his status on Sunday Nation with the stroke of his pen. It was a bit surreal to read what sounded

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Enforcement of consolatory gift, mataa’ upon divorce in our Kadhis Courts

🕔10:34, 24.Feb 2017

Tito Kunyuk: Unilateral divorces provide dilemmas for divorced women. Despite the rise in non-patriarchal interpretations of Islamic law to suit egalitarian notions of gender justice espoused in the Quran and Hadith, many women today still find themselves in vulnerable situations

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President Uhuru’s tribalistic drug abuse policy.

🕔14:42, 23.Feb 2017

By Mohamed Ibrahim In Kenya it seems, everything is tribal, including how the “war on drugs” or in the case of Miraa “the war for drugs” is been fought against or for. For the last few years since Jubilee government

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Where is our Muslim leadership to give direction and guidance on elections?

🕔19:24, 16.Feb 2017

By Umar Sakwa The last few days we have witness a lot of things happening in the country from governance, corruption to strike by doctors and latest University lecturers which is of great importance in the country. Unfortunately our Muslim

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WAGALLA MASSACRE: A breach of international conventions?

🕔11:31, 16.Feb 2017

By Mohamed Abdullahi For many years, humanity has been bedeviled by civil strife, atrocities and massacres. As the world experienced technological progress, the nature of war changed to armed conflict with enormous causalities and by the turn of the 20th

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The In-Tray is full for the new Somalia President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo

🕔16:02, 9.Feb 2017

By Mohamed Abdullahi: In the past few months the airwaves around Mogadishu were awash and inundated with debates and discussions on the Somali election. The general view among the Somali population including those in the diaspora was that of hope,

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Formalize cross border trade with Somalia

🕔15:54, 9.Feb 2017

By Mohamed Abdullahi: On a hot afternoon, a drive through Wajir town CBD is not appealing especially when the cruel tropical sun bakes everything in its way.  The newly laid tarmac road has eased movement within the CBD.  A number

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Drought in Somalia; Devastation and Delayed Aid

🕔14:25, 9.Feb 2017

By Mohamed Yarrow: Cyclical droughts have engulfed Somalia for decades, the most recent one being the 2010/2011 that caused famine in the entire Horn of Africa region. Once again, Somalia is facing another severe drought mainly occasioned by the below-average-performance

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The Pro Se Litigants and access to Justice

🕔20:03, 16.Jan 2017

By Abduljabar I. Hussein: Parties without advocates used to be the only litigants in courts all over the world in medieval times. But in those happy times, there was not a single lawyer to be found on the globe. Those

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Challenges facing education sector in Northern Kenya lead to poor examination performance

🕔23:05, 4.Jan 2017

By Mohamed Abdinoor: Education as human right Globally, education has been recognized as a human right issue since the 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since then, numerous treaties have reaffirmed this right and have supported entitlement

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Judicial independence through sharia lense

🕔23:34, 30.Dec 2016

By A. I. Hussein: The concept ‘Judicial Independence’ has been defined in various works by different Jurists. The common denominator in the literature is that the importance of this concept, as far as the dispensation of justice is concerned, is

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Are Kenya’s poorer Counties Destined for post-Devolution, Economically Brighter Future?

🕔09:43, 24.Dec 2016

By Dr. Billow Khalid: As we all know, Kenya has 47 counties, courtesy of the 2010 Constitution of the Republic. Out of the 47, some 14 counties are relatively poorer than the rest. These 14 counties include all those of

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Ritual Purification: Baptism and Islam

🕔14:15, 23.Dec 2016

By A. Hussein: The word Baptism is a derivation of the Greek word ‘baptizo’ meaning to immerse or submerse. There is no doubt whatsoever in the mind of every Greek scholar as to what the Greek word for baptism might

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TIME – especially meant for the forthcoming elections.

🕔00:20, 22.Dec 2016

By Abdi Ismail: Time ooh time. We’re all dumbstruck by your silent and stealthy ways. Everyone comfortable and engrossed, In matters mundane or religious, Altruistic or wickedness, Banality or erudition   The seconds tick away, people unaware and care free.

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Looting at Garissa County treasury

🕔10:09, 20.Dec 2016

By Muhidin Ibrahim: There is continuous looting at the Garissa county treasury for the last three months by one Muktar Buro, The head of treasury in Garissa County. Muktar has a degree in Human Resources, a profession that has nothing

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There is need for properly revised education system for the transformation of Northern Kenya

🕔19:59, 7.Dec 2016

By Ahmed Abdi Hassan Education! Education! Education! Whether eradication of illiteracy or education for women and girls or adult literacy or skills for youth or education for disadvantaged groups or education for marginalized; many conferences, events, agencies, governments, inter-governments and

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Implications of the betting craze in Kenya: a dose of a deeper problem?

🕔22:45, 2.Dec 2016

By Ibrahim A. Issack: The betting craze has failed to win the adulation of many gamblers whose endless quest for a quick kill like a dream of a mirage in the desert; a dream that hardly comes. Owing to the

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Stop talking and take action on corruption!

🕔12:48, 25.Nov 2016

By Robert Godec   Kenyans have talked about corruption for years. Kenyans know it is undermining the country’s prosperity, security, development, and even democracy. In a recent Pew Research Centre survey, 91 percent of Kenyans called government corruption a “very

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Why Hilary lost the race to white house.

🕔15:12, 10.Nov 2016

By Abdihakim Ifiye: Americans are yet to come to terms with Hilary Clinton’s defeat. Now that the shockwave passed, let’s see what might have made the democratic candidate lose the race to the oval office. It is a known fact

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What can we learn from Trump’s victory?

🕔00:11, 10.Nov 2016

By Hassan Farah The media’s crookedness and culpability You all expected Hillary’s landslide victory especially if you were one glued to be served some leakages on the election proceedings. This has at last backfired as it turned out to be

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Time for the government to look itself in the mirror and uphold zero tolerance to impunity and corruption

🕔15:17, 7.Nov 2016

By Abdi Mohamed Golo: The national and county Governments is plagued by cronyism, leaders who rewrite constitutions to extend term limits in both houses and downwards to counties, fragile democracies captured by special interests create a climate where corruption flourishes

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My North Eastern Sojourn: encounters I will never forget

🕔16:00, 30.Oct 2016

By M. Khadar Yussuf: I have always wanted to travel to and write about North Eastern region of Kenya, a province inhabited by the Somali community (my people). It is my only way of telling the world the type of

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Garissa Township Constituency: the Devil’s Luck and the Destiny of Decimal Come 2017 Elections

🕔20:41, 29.Oct 2016

By Ali Sheikh – ADDIS ABABA: As the political wind and the crack of dawn campaign surfaces in Kenya, Garissa County continues to impress the battle of political arithmetic where the tyranny of numbers is a matter of melody, much

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Time to reinvent our systems of engagement in religious matters

🕔21:44, 20.Oct 2016

By Abdulkarim Taraja The stability of Islamic religious issues across the country and most probably in the rural areas is on the verge of disintegration following the unending feuds of leadership. Masjids in the rural place are marred by leadership

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The Tussle for Garissa township constituency seat

🕔20:50, 16.Oct 2016

By Abdi Ismail Like other parts of the country, Garissa county faces insurmountable hurdles in choosing leaders that can articulate issue that plague it’s residents or matters that transcend individualistic, idiosyncratic and clan based politics given that in the other

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De-militarize North Eastern airports and provide customer friendly services

🕔20:08, 16.Oct 2016

By Abdi Warsame In the span of a week, I travelled to and from Wajir and Mandera and did not like the experience at airports in both said towns. In Mandera, upon disembarking from the plane on arrival from Nairobi,

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Youth should be at the forefront to develop themselves and the society

🕔16:20, 18.Sep 2016

By Hashimo Ibn Abubakar: I write based on what I have seen while living in Kenya. Giving youth real decision making, power and leadership roles in development processes and programs is a challenge in practice. We know from both our

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A massive public relations exercise is all Wajir governor has on offer

🕔21:02, 15.Sep 2016

By Ali Bashane: Abraham Lincoln once said “what kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself”.  This week Jeff Koinange was flown all the way to Wajir by the governor and his team just for a publicity exercise. His

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Harness the Mandera triangle bloc for better trade

🕔23:55, 14.Sep 2016

By Abdiqafar Gababa: The Mandera triangle is a setup of a land where the three neighboring countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia meet. The Kenyan side is represented by Mandera town which is the capital of Mandera County in the

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Acute shortage of IRE teachers needs to be addressed

🕔10:41, 9.Sep 2016

By Munawar Khan: The teaching profession is considered in Islam to be on the highest rank of nobility as teachers are responsible in imparting knowledge and education to those around them. The teaching profession is not only a responsibility but

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In Garissa minorities debate, we must differentiate between Personal and public Interest.

🕔21:01, 6.Sep 2016

By Muhidin Ibrahim (Giggs): Minority group is a term referring to a category of people differentiated from the social majority, i.e., those who hold the majority of positions of social power in a society, and may be defined by law.

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Is Kenya experiencing the American gilded age of 18th century?

🕔17:07, 6.Sep 2016

By Prof. M.Y. Elmi: The Americans experienced the gilded age in 1878 to 1889 a period of rapid economic growth and industrialization. While the rich wore diamonds, many poor people wore rags. In 1890, 11 million of the nation’s 12

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The burden of hosting refugees and the mess that is Dadaab closure

🕔23:09, 4.Sep 2016

By Ahmed Abdi Hassan: Kenya the generous country in the eastern part of Africa hosted refugees from different countries mainly from neighboring Somalia in Dadaab for than two decades hoping that one day in history they will return to their

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Mohamed Abdi: Building a better Wajir for all.

🕔17:56, 3.Sep 2016

By Abdullahi Osman Mohamed Abdi is a brand name – a political brand. He is a crowd mover. The ambassador can attract people and supporters in every political event he holds and people love him. He is a good listener,

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