15 pregnant women die in Wajir county due to nurse’s strike

🕔17:36, 19.Oct 2017

According to Wajir County Chief Officer of Health Noor Sheikh Mohamed fifteen women have lost their lives while giving birth in Wajir County since the start of the nurses’ strike. The strike began on June 5th and is now on

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Funds drive launched for ailing Somali Singer Amina Dhool

🕔14:04, 5.Oct 2017

By NJ Correspondent: A group of concerned artist and journalists have launched an online funds drive for to help pay the medical bills and operation for legendary Somali singer Amina Dhool hospitalized at a London hotel for kidney failure. Dhool,

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Milestone in the fight against HIV as Kenya becomes second country in Africa to embrace the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

🕔23:29, 9.May 2017

By John Eden. Kenya becomes the second country in Africa after South Africa to embrace the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, an intervention treatment programme for those at risk of HIV and aged 15 years  and above. The introduction of this treatment otherwise

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Understanding Hemophilia, a blood disorder

🕔00:10, 20.Feb 2017

In the X and Y sex chromosomes, the gene for hemophilia is carried on the X chromosome. Hemophilia is inherited in an X-linked recessive manner.  Females inherit two X chromosomes, one from their mother and one from their father (XX).

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Ways to Measure Health Care Outcomes

🕔19:46, 10.Dec 2016

Abdi A Isaak, MPH: Value of healthcare delivered are measured by health outcomes achieved per shilling spent on care. Harvard Business Review says “value is expressed as a ratio: the quality of outcomes (adjusted to account for the severity of

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Cancer patient Abdiaziz gets final wish, set to travel for Hajj

🕔12:33, 3.Sep 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent: A Kenyan young man diagnosed with the final stages of bone cancer has got his final wish before he dies. 23-year-old Abdiaziz Aden’s wish to participate in this year’s Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) in Mecca, Saudia Arabia

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The Kuduudiye/Kuduudshe fever (chikungunya fever)

🕔11:34, 25.May 2016

The Kuduudshe/Kuduudiye fever (chikungunya fever) A fever that was never witnessed in this region is doing rounds in parts of Mandera County, Bula Hawo and surrounding areas. The fever is also said to prevalent in Southern Somalia. Residents call it

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Kisumu Muslim women to host free medical camp

🕔11:04, 13.May 2016

By Mbarak Abucheri:     Residents of Kisumu will benefit from free medical camp set to be held in the region on May 29. The event will be organized by the Kisumu based Sisters With A Mission Muslim development group

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5 surprising benefits of walking

🕔09:30, 25.Mar 2016

  Yesterday I visited a friend and he asked if we could drive to the high street for coffee. I told him the high street is about 10 minutes walk and the weather is pleasant. He informed me that he

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Sheikh Umal to undergo kidney operation in India

🕔18:38, 2.Feb 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent:   Famous Muslim preacher Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Umal is currently hospitalized at an Indian hospital where he is expected to undergo kidney operation on Wednesday. A close friend of the Sheikh confirmed to Nepjournal that he

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You Have Hemorrhoids? This Is The Best Natural Remedy For Healing It!

🕔23:23, 24.Jan 2016

Every person suffering from them knows that hemorrhoids are very unpleasant health disorder. They can be especially painful for middle age persons. This is a very unpleasant disease and it is manifested in shape of nodules at the end of

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The Death over Our Heads: Energy Saving Light Bulbs Are Poisonous To the Brain, Nervous System, Liver, Kidneys and Heart!

🕔13:54, 23.Nov 2015

Ecological light bulbs contain mercury. Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin that is particularly toxic to children and pregnant women. Mercury is particularly toxic to the brain, nervous system, liver and kidneys. Many of us  aiming to save energy and money

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Anti-biotic misuse and the threat of an emerging resistant bacteria

🕔09:00, 20.Oct 2015

By Mohamed Haji: @Mwhaji. An elderly relative was taken ill a while ago. She broke her shoulder after a fall and was in a lot of pain. She was recuperating at home after her shoulder was traditionally mended by a

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Do not put it off for another day. JUST DO IT

🕔13:17, 10.Oct 2015

By Maryam Sheikh Abdikhadir: Often times we have resolutions especially at the beginning of every year. The Hijra calendar is almost ending and those who follow this calendar may be setting their next New Year resolutions now. The Gregorian still

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Coffee makes you wake up late, Junk food gives you diabetes

🕔09:00, 17.Sep 2015

Coffee at night? A US study has shown that drinking coffee 3 hours before bedtime makes people wake up 40 minutes later than normal. Drinking coffee before bedtime alters the body clock. Caffeine is said to disrupt the sleep hormone

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Why Sugar Is Called “The White Death”

🕔23:35, 8.Jun 2015

As good as it may taste, sugar is NOT your friend. It may “feel” like your friend when it comforts you (due to the beta-endorphin rush in your brain), but sugar is really your ENEMY. Truth be told, regular consumption

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Medical Appeal! Let’s save the life of this 13 year old boy.

🕔15:04, 21.May 2014

Mandera Kenya:     Nepjournal.com received a request from our readers regarding the plight of this young boy who is from Mandera. The publisher contacted the boy’s father who confirmed the below story and requested our assistance. We would like

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Wajir County government defeated in the battle of waste management

🕔19:15, 21.Mar 2014

By Dr. M.Y. Elmi While in one part of the globe , Astronomers are struggling to discover gravitational waves which would led to the understanding of the beginning and evolution of the universe into the cornucopia of galaxies and stars

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Black to bleach – The search for Beauty

🕔09:25, 18.Mar 2014

By  Hassan What started as a fashion craze among our beautiful girls in Northern Kenya is now showing its ugly side. The search for ‘beauty’ has pushed most girls to resort to the use of chemicals to give themselves a

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