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Ritual Purification: Baptism and Islam

🕔14:15, 23.Dec 2016

By A. Hussein: The word Baptism is a derivation of the Greek word ‘baptizo’ meaning to immerse or submerse. There is no doubt whatsoever in the mind of every Greek scholar as to what the Greek word for baptism might

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TIME – especially meant for the forthcoming elections.

🕔00:20, 22.Dec 2016

By Abdi Ismail: Time ooh time. We’re all dumbstruck by your silent and stealthy ways. Everyone comfortable and engrossed, In matters mundane or religious, Altruistic or wickedness, Banality or erudition   The seconds tick away, people unaware and care free.

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Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) would not have killed foreign delegations even if they were sent by the worst of enemies

🕔00:02, 22.Dec 2016

The assassination of the Russian ambassador whilst in Turkey has made some applaud the act while it’s given the Islamophobes fuel to the fire deeming Islam to be barbaric. Just because someone shouts Allahu Akbar or any other religious phrases

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Al-hijaby bridal to hold first ever Muslim fashion design show in Kenya.

🕔09:50, 17.Dec 2016

By Adow Mohamed: A Muslim fashion designer is set to make history as the first ever designer to feature hijabs in bridal outfits in a Fashion show to be held in Nairobi. Trading under the name Al Hijaby bridal, the Clothing

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Time for the government to look itself in the mirror and uphold zero tolerance to impunity and corruption

🕔15:17, 7.Nov 2016

By Abdi Mohamed Golo: The national and county Governments is plagued by cronyism, leaders who rewrite constitutions to extend term limits in both houses and downwards to counties, fragile democracies captured by special interests create a climate where corruption flourishes

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My North Eastern Sojourn: encounters I will never forget

🕔16:00, 30.Oct 2016

By M. Khadar Yussuf: I have always wanted to travel to and write about North Eastern region of Kenya, a province inhabited by the Somali community (my people). It is my only way of telling the world the type of

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Cancer the killer and how causing agents are at home with us

🕔20:32, 11.Sep 2016

By Ahmed Abdi Hassan: Many need to comprehend what cancer and cancer cells mean, how they behave, why? What causes them? How they can be prevented? Cancer is basically an abnormal cell growth, particularly rapid multiplication of the cells causing

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Learn more on Reerdiid – the Rendilles

🕔17:30, 10.Sep 2016

Everyone has heard of Rendille community but few people know about this people and the harsh arid and semi-arid region of Marsabit County they occupy.  The local fauna has adapted to this harsh dry and hot fauna, it can be

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Mohamed Abdi: Building a better Wajir for all.

🕔17:56, 3.Sep 2016

By Abdullahi Osman Mohamed Abdi is a brand name – a political brand. He is a crowd mover. The ambassador can attract people and supporters in every political event he holds and people love him. He is a good listener,

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Cancer patient Abdiaziz gets final wish, set to travel for Hajj

🕔12:33, 3.Sep 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent: A Kenyan young man diagnosed with the final stages of bone cancer has got his final wish before he dies. 23-year-old Abdiaziz Aden’s wish to participate in this year’s Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) in Mecca, Saudia Arabia

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Negotiated Democracy gives Duale sleepless nights as clan contemplates sending him to Balambala

🕔01:38, 2.Sep 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent:             Days after clan elders in Mandera cut short the political journey of Mandera Governor Ali Roba and Senator Billow Kerrow among a host of other leaders, another big name in

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Sayyid Mohammed Abdulle Hassan and the role of Poetic Stanzas in his Dervish Struggle

🕔20:04, 27.Jul 2016

By Ali Sheikh: Sayyid Mohammed’s powerful poetic language contained a considerable amount of Arabic borrowed-words. It’s not surprising for the use of Arabic words among the Somalis. The connection with Arabian culture emanates from their Muslim background and their early

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Concern as rare skin condition sweeps through Wajir North Sub-County

🕔11:12, 10.Jul 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent: Days after well-wishers mobilized resources for Miski Bashir, a girl in Wajir with a rare skin condition, more children suffering the same condition have now emerged. Hassan Salat and two of his siblings in Bute suffer

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First Somali modern feature film set to premier on Idd day in Nairobi

🕔19:29, 5.Jul 2016

By Adow Abdi: The first Somali modern feature film portraying true Somali stories is set to be screened on Idd day at Liberty Center in Nairobi. Organized by Eastleighwood, the event will feature talented actors, script writers and actresses in

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8 Basic Errors Muslims Make When Paying Zakatul-Fitr

🕔13:02, 3.Jul 2016

By Muhammad Alshareef: I feel compelled to put this together because I’ve seen the following errors being committed even since I was a young boy. In sha Allah, you can help me spread the word by sharing this article with

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Have YOU been a victim of the latest Facebook hoax?

🕔11:26, 29.Jun 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent: Most Facebook users are currently sharing a pre-written status updates that suggest Facebook is about to make their private information public. This is not the first time this scam is sufficing. Facebook has been forced to

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The Breakthrough for the Ever Suffering People in Kenya’s North Eastern Region is Right at the Corner

🕔23:31, 26.Jun 2016

By Billow Abdi Hassan: Among Kenya’s former eight provincial administration units is a flat, arid and dry mainly pastoral land separating the country along a 700Km  international border line from the only  African Union member with the longest coast line

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Heading back to a home they never knew: Far reaching implications for the thousands of refugees going back to Somalia:

🕔23:48, 21.Jun 2016

By Yussuf Ali Korrow: As the international Community marks the world refugee Day, We travelled to Dadaab refugee camp to understand what is like going back to Somalia, their home country which they fled over 20 years ago. This year’s

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Gaddafi The Truth About Libya – Documentary

🕔14:46, 20.Jun 2016 Read Full Article

From the North to the top echelons of the tourism industry, here is the story of Mohamed Hersi

🕔15:27, 29.May 2016

This is a personal post by Mohammed Hersi, the CEO of Heritage Hotels Kenya and the former Regional General Manager at Sarova  Beach Resort and Spa. Today allow me to post a lengthy personal testimony, I would be honored if you

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Some Common Mistakes in Ramadaan

🕔15:05, 27.May 2016

By Asma bint Shameem: The Holy Month of Ramadaan is around the corner, let us look at some of the common mistakes we make during Ramadaan and correct them in sha Allah. Taking Ramadaan as a ritual For many of

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How devolution is changing lives for the better in Garissa County.

🕔14:44, 7.May 2016

By Yussuf Ali korow For the purposes of fulfilling its development manifesto, the County Government of Garissa, soon after taking office, put in place a comprehensive County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) outlining the various programs and projects to be undertaken

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The Forgotten Sunnah – Cupping (Hijama), the Best of Remedies

🕔10:12, 4.Mar 2016

The Angels Recommending Cupping (Hijama): Abdullah ibn Abbas r.a. reported that the Nabi (salallahu alayhi wasallam.) said, “I did not pass by an angel from the angels on the night journey except that they all said to me: Upon you

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Islam was a religion of love, and the Taj Mahal proves it

🕔23:46, 18.Feb 2016

By Haroon Moghul:   In the early 1630’s, right around the time the Puritans were beginning to build Boston, Mumtaz Mahal died in childbirth. In those days, tragically, many women died in similar circumstances. But Mahal was a queen. Her

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Shock as Mandera Health CEC announces illegal restructuring of docket after County Assembly adopts doctored report on County hospital

🕔16:14, 15.Feb 2016

By Nep Journal correspondent:   Mandera County Executive Committee Member for Health Mr. Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed is facing allegations of making changes to his docket without following the due process. The changes which saw several officers promoted, others demoted and

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Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day

🕔22:55, 13.Feb 2016

By Dr. Bilal Philips: The yearly globalized celebration of love with its ritual circulation of greeting cards, flowers, exalting the color red, and exchanging presents in honour and respect for free love is completely against Islamic teachings. Its prohibition is

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Chronicles of The Wagalla Massacre

🕔11:06, 13.Feb 2016

By SALAH ABDI SHIEKH:   This week marks 32 years since the massacre at the Wagalla Airstrip in what is presently Wajir County. The bloodbath took place over a period of four days beginning on the morning of February 10

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🕔02:58, 22.Jan 2016

BY SUSAN DU           Lul Hersi has lived in St. Cloud for 14 years, but has been confronted as if she arrived only recently Lul Hersi sat in her idling minivan at a stoplight in downtown St. Cloud. Her

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Root causes of Conflict and Insecurity in the Horn of Africa and Yemen

🕔19:56, 10.Jan 2016

By Abdullahi Ali Soyan In a geographic sense, the Horn of Africa is the north-eastern part of the African continent which faces the Red Sea to the east, the Indian Ocean to the south-east and the Nile Basin to the

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A Look at the Somali Language

🕔09:46, 7.Jan 2016

By Robert Lindsay   Results. A ratings system was designed in terms of how difficult it would be for an English-language speaker to learn the language. In the case of English, English was judged according to how hard it would be for

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Power and Weakness: A review of Robert Kegan’s thesis

🕔03:00, 2.Jan 2016

By Mohamed Hassan Robert Kagan’s essay, Power and Weakness, has been widely described as thought provoking and persuasive in approach.  According to Beaumont (2008), Kagan is an essayist, diplomat, and has advised John McCain, the Republican Party candidate in the

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From Saka to Sangailu, Dadajibula to Dadaab: Destruction of Indigenous Trees Will Destroy Livelihoods.

🕔03:00, 1.Jan 2016

                                                     Doqon ma waaye in its heydays By Mohamed Haji and Maryam Sheikh Abdikadir As

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The Magnificent Mogadishu I did not know

🕔07:00, 24.Dec 2015

By Maryam Sheikh Abdikadir Isbaheysiga Mosque before renovation by the Turkish government When I first received word on a few days assignment to undertake in Mogadishu, I tossed and turned over it wondering whether I should take such a risk.

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UN committee slams state over Garissa college massacre

🕔07:00, 18.Dec 2015

By Wachira Kigotho: A committee of the United Nations Security Council has faulted the Kenyan government for failing to act on credible security intelligence about an imminent attack on Garissa University College in the North Eastern town of Garissa by

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You beat me once again, Ahmed Darwesh, even in death.

🕔09:20, 16.Dec 2015

By Saddique Shaban: Allah says: “Innalilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon” To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.” (Quran Surat Al Baqarah 2:156) And also:  “Every soul shall have a taste of death, then to us you will be ultimately

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Counterfeit Drugs and the risks they pose to our health

🕔07:00, 15.Dec 2015

By Mohamed Haji: According to the WHO definition “А counterfeit medicine is one which is deliberately and fraudulently mislabeled with respect to identity and/or source”. The WHO says. “Counterfeiting can apply to both branded and generic products and counterfeit products

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Answers to your questions by Mrs. Batula Hassan . 

🕔07:00, 13.Dec 2015

Following a write up by Mrs Batula Hassan, Programmes specialist in charge of Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health at UNFPA, we received unprecedented avalanche of questions regarding youth sexuality education. We selected a few and combined others. If you do

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Dheelmato: THE ULTIMATE DOUBLE-BLUFF! (Analysis on the Somali poem, Dheelmato, by Ina Cawsgurow)

🕔09:00, 29.Nov 2015

By Aden Hassan:  INTRODUCTION: Intrigue has always been one of the most seductive virtues of poetry. Yet, it is rare to find a poetic piece whose title probably contains as much intrigue as the rest of its body. Dheelmato is

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Sareedo by Ina Awsgurow (a Spell of Saar): An analysis

🕔07:00, 25.Nov 2015

By Adan Hassan Sareedo is the name of this piece. Sareedo. A noun, so appealing, in its pristine beauty, so simple in its originality. One might be tempted to ask: what is in a name? For Sareedo, there is a

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Seven Somali Women Making a Difference

🕔01:36, 25.Nov 2015

By Heidi G. Frontani: There are many strong, capable women in Somalia. Dr. Hawa Abdi, Deqo Mohamed, Amina Mohamed, Edna Adan, Ilwad Elman, Fartuun Adan, and Fatima Jibrell are seven such amazing women. The actions of each demonstrate that in

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The Death over Our Heads: Energy Saving Light Bulbs Are Poisonous To the Brain, Nervous System, Liver, Kidneys and Heart!

🕔13:54, 23.Nov 2015

Ecological light bulbs contain mercury. Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin that is particularly toxic to children and pregnant women. Mercury is particularly toxic to the brain, nervous system, liver and kidneys. Many of us  aiming to save energy and money

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Sharing a husband may lead to greater wealth, health – study

🕔09:58, 28.Oct 2015

Children can thrive in polygamous families and are often better off than those from monogamous households in poor communities, researchers said on Monday, calling for greater cultural sensitivity among campaigners seeking to ban polygamy. In Tanzania, polygamous families owned more

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Poem on stereotyping – “ Manhandled at Mandera….Massacred at Wagalla…..Murdered at Garissa…”

🕔19:42, 27.Oct 2015

By Abdi  Yussuf I want to read some lines, to solicit sense from you,my audience I am tired of complains that lasted and blames that rusted I am concerned may I get others like me for us to become one

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The role of devolution in the development of North Eastern: Some proposals by Salah Abdi Sheikh

🕔22:20, 26.Oct 2015

A speech by Salah Abdi Sheikh, at a conference held in October, 2015 at Moi international Sports Center, Kasarani Stadium bringing together Students and leadership of North Eastern Kenya to discuss on the challenges, development and future prospects of North

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a Somali Professor sensationally speaks about ‘Somali identity crisis’

🕔15:27, 12.Oct 2015

Prof. Omar Eno, a Somali – Canadian and Director of the National Somali Bantu project speaks about the identity crisis that is bedeviling Somalis today. Watch his sensational talk on this touchy topic here below:

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An encounter with Eastleigh’s rogue police officers

🕔13:17, 27.Sep 2015

By Abdi Hassan: When you see your colleague being shaved, dub your head with water so the Swahili saying goes. If this adage is anything to go by, then I have not done myself any favor to prepare for the

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Hajj: How to perform the rituals.

🕔12:09, 11.Sep 2015

Source: Upon becoming Muslim, one must perform Hajj once in his lifetime. Hajj is the pilgrimage one makes to the Sacred House of Allah (the Ka’bah) in order to perform certain rites at specific places at specific times. This

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10 ways to treat non-Muslim neighbors well

🕔10:31, 6.Sep 2015

By: El-Sayed M. Amin Source: The neighbor holds a special status in Islam. Islam encourages Muslims to treat their neighbors in a gentle way that reflects the true and genuine spirit of Islam as exemplified in its tolerant aspect

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Video: Women’s Rights in Islam – Liberated or Subjugated?

🕔09:18, 4.Sep 2015

Watch Dr. Zakir Naik as he discusses the topic ‘Women’s Rights in Islam – Liberated or Subjugated? – MUMBAI, INDIA – 2015  

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Knife wielding gang slowly taking over Eastleigh

🕔16:47, 9.Aug 2015

By Ibrahim Issack As the sun sets behind the sky scrapers of Eastleigh and people rush to reach destination in one of the busy roads, the noise of the street sellers persuading people to purchase their goodies on sale at

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