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Calls on Muslim organizations to work for interests of Muslims

By Mbarak Abucheri:

Muslim organizations in the country  have been urged to work together to safeguard the interests of the community and   drive Muslim  agenda in all matters of national importance for socio-economic progress.

The calls were made by the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) national Treasurer Bakari Chemaswet who emphasized on the need for Muslim organizations and  its leadership to unite and explore ways of ensuring the challenges being faced by Muslims  in the country are effectively addressed.

Addressing  Muslim Education Council(MEC) stakeholders consultative forum on madrassa curriculum  at Jamia Multi-purpose hall last week, Chemaswet stressed for unity among Muslims saying that it was the only avenue where Muslims would be able to ensure that their concerns and interests are fully addressed .

Chemaswet reiterated Supkem commitment in championing the interest of Muslims in national course and stated that the council will work in partnership with other Muslim organizations across the country to promote Muslim development agenda and ensure the interests of Muslims are well catered for and protected.

He commended Muslim Education Council (MEC) for being at forefront in matters pertaining to education in the Muslim community and it role in the development of Unified Madrasa curriculum  and pledged the unwavering support from SUPKEM towards the promotion of education and addressing the needs of  Muslims in all sectors.

Chemaswet appealed to all Muslim education stakeholders to support the initiative by MEC for the benefit of children in the Muslim community.

The SUPKEM official advised Muslim parents to take Education seriously and also be vigilant in the upbringing of their children at this present times. ‘’Let us as Muslim parents instill the right Islamic moral values and ethics to our children as this will help us in providing the country with professionals and responsible citizens in the country,’’ said  Chemaswet.

On his part Muslim Education Council executive director Munawar Khan stated that MEC will engage with other Muslim organizations on finding a lasting solution to the myriads of problems affecting Muslims in the education sector adding that MEC aimed at addressing the education needs of all Muslims.

In his address, Malindi based Muslim scholar Sheikh Umar Said called for revise of the proposed draft unified Madrasa curriculum to integrate appropriate contents specifically in Aqeeda contents  before it is taken to Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development(KICD) for approval.

Sheikh Said Omar pointed out that religious ideological differences based on competing Islamic schools of thought have always been a major stumbling block in the development of a common curriculum and that an all-inclusive curriculum  will enhance on the Muslim unity and mutual understanding.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Ahmed Yusuf who chaired a committee of experts that spearheaded the curriculum development process noted that the madrasa curriculum development is a big leap and that there is a bright future for Muslims in the Country once the Curriculum is approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

In attendance at the consultative meeting were Muslim scholars, educationists and professionals from various counties across the country.


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