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“Call off boycott” begs Luo National Youth Caucus

An assembly of young people is appealing to the National Super Alliance (Nasa) leadership to think twice in regards to the product embargo that started last week.

The Luo National Youth Caucus, which is allied to Nasa, has reported massive losses seen in Luo Nyanza owing to the call to boycott some products and services. Talking to the media on Wednesday morning in Nairobi, the group’s chairman, Roy K’Obwanga, said that the region is suffering economically and another path should be taken.

“The National Youth Council, in collaboration with Uwezo Fund and the Youth Fund, mobilized resources in association with Safaricom and gave many young people M-Pesa outlets all over the nation. It is so distressing when leaders call for banning of these shops when the same youths are servicing loans obtained to set up the shops, without giving substitutes to the same,” Mr. K’Obwanga said.

The group confirmed that the boycott can only be felt in Luo Nyanza and that other regions allied with the party are carrying out business as normal. The group has vowed to talk about the matter in all the counties as many people are suffering quietly. They said some Kenyans cannot talk candidly about the economic sufferings the boycott has caused.

Hours after NASA leader Raila Odinga moved from Safaricom to Airtel, Siaya residents swarmed Airtel shops in the town. They said they have made the choice after Raila’s call to boycott Safaricom product, alleging the company influenced the presidential election. The telecommunications giant has refuted claims it was implicated in rigging.

Last week, NASA legislators stated the embargo was part of the economic deliverance scheme supported by the People’s Assembly. The shift is among strategies the Opposition has engaged in their national resistance movement. The objective is to bring the companies to their knees.

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