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Business in Wajir county stalled due to the heavy rainfall

The Business community in Wajir is counting losses as the county continues to face flooding due to heavy rains pounding the area the past week.

Owing to the flooding, a lot of businesses have remained closed for the last few days. Several homes in Qorahey area have also been flooded.

Some area residents momentarily barricaded the Wajir-Mandera road on Sunday to demonstrate against the pitiable drainage system before police officers dispersed them and cleared the road.

Mr Ahmed Maalim Abdullahi, who owns a hotel along the Wajir-Mandera road, said his business has remained closed for four days owing to the continuing rains.

Mr Musdaf Mohammed, who runs a barber shop along the highway, said that the flooding had left his shop inaccessible.

Mr Noor Mohamed, a businessman in the region who has an electronic and cosmetics shop, said that numerous items in the shop had been ruined by the floodwaters.

Mr Adow Kassim, who runs a kiosk in the region, said that nearly all the items in his shop were ruined by the water.

The business people appealed to the government to build a drain along the newly tarmacked roads to prevent losses in future as the rains continue to pound the region.

“We ask both the national government and the county government to resolve the matter of poor drainage in the town,” said Mr Abdille Mohamed Ali.

Some inhabitants expressed fear of a cholera outbreak if the rains and flooding persist.

Dozens of livestock have died since the beginning of rains in the county, which had experienced harsh drought for the better part of this year.

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