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Bus services in Mandera suspended till further notice

Bus services in Mandera County have been deferred for a period of three days after the attack on a police escort on Monday evening.

Declaring the suspension, Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia said the move is intended to restructure security escort for PSV buses within the county.

In the attack, two police vehicles were hit with rocket propelled missiles by alleged Al-Shabaab radicals in Mandera south.

Twelve police officers who were escorting the bus escaped unharmed.

“Cropping up from the Monday attack, we have decided to defer the movement of buses along the road as we evaluate the security situation,” Mandera County commissioner Fred Shisia has said.

He said discussions are ongoing with the bus operators and security supervisors in Nairobi to get a substitute of the burnt vehicles.

Mr Shisia also wants a replacement of aged police vehicles accompanying the buses within the county.

“Once this is completed we shall recommence bus escort. We regret the event and hassle caused but the passengers in Elwak town will be escorted to Mandera town,” he said.

The County Commissioner also said buses holed up in Wajir town coming into Mandera will be considered insisting that no bus will be permitted to leave Mandera for Nairobi until the state of affairs gets better.

Usually, buses leaving Mandera town at about 8am are escorted by police to Gari region where their Elwak counterparts takeover as Mandera police return with buses from Elwak.

From Gari, the Elwak police officers escort the buses from Mandera town through Wargadud, Elwak, Dabacity to Katulo.

Mr. Shisia said the officers drawn from Elwak were waylaid by Al-Shabaab militants in Dabacity on Monday evening and two of security vehicles were burnt.

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