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Bungoma top Muslim school in expansion plans

By Mbarak Abucheri:


Muslim founded and sponsored school Cheptais Elite Academy in Mount Elgon Sub-County of Bungoma County has embarked on a KSh 20 million expansion plan to upgrade its facilities.

For several years, the school has been among the academic top performers in Bungoma County in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations with its pupils known to produce good results since 2004.

But the semi-permanent Muslim school faces an uncertain as its structure continues to wear out foreboding uncertain for the learners who are mostly from less fortunate families.

According to the school’s director Abdalla Krong, among the proposed amenities in the expansion plans are the construction of classrooms and girls dormitory.

Speaking to Nepjournal, Abdalla Krong further noted that other proposed amenities to be constructed include spacious Multi-purpose hall, modern kitchen and dining facilities. He pointed out that the projects are expected to officially start next year and that the managing committee of the school has made some efforts and laid down plans to improve the face of the school.

Abdalla disclosed that a fundraising for the projects will be held on November 19 at the school grounds and appealed to various Muslim charitable organizations, donors and well-wishers to support the initiative.

The director said the school faces numerous challenges and welcomes support which will ensure that it continues to support needy children realize their education dreams.

Officials from various Muslim organizations which include Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM), Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK), Kenya Muslims Charitable Society (KMCS) and Muslim Group for Development (MGD) are among those expected to grace the occasion.

He asked local Muslims to pool together their few resources and channel towards Islamic projects for the pleasure of Allah, stressing that more efforts and emphasis should be placed on investment in education to uplift the social-economic status of Muslims.

”Education is paramount and something every community gives adequate importance. Any community which fails to invest in education lags behind,” he said.

In his remarks he also called for more measures to support the education of orphans and bright needy children to enable them further their education.

”The school does a lot of charity to less fortunate children in the society and there is need for Muslims and those who value charity to extend a helping hand to orphans and bright needy children to further their education,” he said.

Abdalla said there is need to focus more on establishing learning institutions and support the education of children as this will improve education standards and enhance the state of affairs in the Muslim community and the country at large.


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