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BREAKING: Somali herders to be forcefully evicted by police from Lamu


Lamu County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo has directed police in Lamu to forcefully evict Somali headers from the county. Kitiyo said police will now use force to throw out the herders whose continued presence continues to tally with the increased insecurity.

This is to aid the government massive operations to flush out Al-Shabaab militants who are believed to be hiding in the extensive forest of boni .

The county commissioner said police were confident that recent killings were done by criminals posing as herders from neighboring counties of TanaRiver, Wajir and Garissa.

Earlier on, all foreign herders had been given a 48 hour ultimatum by the Linda Boni operation director Joseph Kanyiri .

The herders were also directed to get out of the Boni forest where they graze their livestock in order to allow for the bombing of Alshabaab hideouts inside.

Kitiyo said the 48 hour ultimatum had long run out but that some of the herders had refused to leave and are suspected to be behind the spate of recent killings and beheadings in various parts of the county.

Kitiyo said the killings only seem to happen in places occupied by the herders and nowhere else and said it was obvious that such people were unhealthy for the security of Lamu County.

He said police had been directed to rid Lamu County of any trace of foreign herders since the ultimatum for them to do so voluntarily had long run out and many were proving hostile and uncooperative.

Meanwhile Lamu herders have been warned against taking livestock belonging to the non-local herders and pretending to be the owners saying such a move amounts to sabotage of the operation to rid Lamu of the now dangerous herders.


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