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Breaking news: Kerrow arrested on arrival at Wilson airport from Mandera

By Nepjournal Team:


News reaching us indicates that Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow has been arrested earlier today on arrival at Wilson Airport from Mandera over claims of mass graves in the County.

He was whisked away by detectives for questioning.

Kerrow led a delegation consisting of local leaders, human right groups and journalists in a visit to his County this week after reports of alleged mass graves emerged.

In a press conference held in Nairobi on Monday, the local leaders linked KDF to the killings but the government refuted the claims and asked the leaders to withdraw their remarks and apologize to Kenyans by today or face arrest.

Speaking to the Press at Harambee house on Wednesday, Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery lashed out at the outspoken Senator accusing him of leading a group that painted the government in bad light over the war on terror.

Kerrow however apologized yesterday after two days of excavations in the areas where the graves were allegedly discovered yielded no fruits.

He termed the statement by the CS as defamatory and putting his life in danger. He said will seek legal advise and redress on the same.

Unconfirmed reports indicate local leaders accompanying him were also whisked with him to CID headquarters. They include MPs Abdiaziz Farah, Mohamed Mumad, Shaban Issack and Women representative Fathiya Mahboub.



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